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Lot of expatriates ask me about iqama status some of them want to know iqama status of his sponsor company, some of expatriates wants iqama expiry and validity online. Another common question is how i can know Iqama is green red or yellow. Well all of them have different answer but users mostly confuse me by just asking for what is my iqama status I don’t understand what to tell them whether they want to chak iqama expiry or just want to know status of his company sponsor iqama. One my visitor ask me about how he can cheek iqama status of his family, I know he applied for Iqama for his Family but there is nothing any way to check iqama status of family when you submit family iqama application to jawazat they just take it verify and than print iqama of your family. When any worker iqama is expired at the time when his iqama is on renewal process jawazat just give him temporary iqama so that when iqama is completed jawazat hand over to worker. So in this article I tell you all about iqama status and visitor would choose which procedure he want to complete in order to chak his iqama. Most of saudi workers that were on huroob mostly want to check their iqama status to verify whether the huroob is still on them or not but the online inquiry just gives idea of huroob there is may be some other thing beside huroob. Most of Saudi Iqama system is online and those having old iqama may also find some misinformation while checking their iqama status. In 2015 all iqamas are now called muqeem card.

how to check iqama status

How to Check Huroob Iqama Status:

There are two ways to check Huroon under your iqama. The first method is to check from Mofa(ministry of foreign affairs) website and second from But these both methods only give some indications of huroob but final information is available at deportation offices, jawazat offices. See Detail Method to Check Huroob Status of IQAMA

Check Iqama Expiry and Validity:

To check you iqama expiry date and relevant information about your iqama you just need iqama muqeem card number as well as make sure that iqama is valid till the date of expiry. expiry service is modern way of inquiry service which make you ID card more digitized also it is requirement for current expat population in KSA as more and more people visit KSA and work their to handle such large amount of workers the modern day advance checking online service is necessary.


Check IQAMA STATUS Natiqat Red Green Yellow:

Nitaqat is a Saudization System which i discuss in detail in this article. If you want to check your sponsor or company iqama status whether your sponsor category is RED, Green, Yellow. Most of you want to check nitqat so that it makes you clear while transfer of job or change of sponsor. How to Check Iqama Status Nitaqat RED GREEN YELLOW.

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