Local Hajj Booking Procedure Online 2019

How to register Local Hajj in Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Hajj(MOH) local hajj  موقع الحجز الإلكتروني لحجاج الداخل – وزارة الحج Portal starts countdowns for online booking of Hajj. The exact date for when online booking will be started on 8 AM 1st Dhul Qa’da (4 July 2019)(1st Dhul Qadaah 1439h) Local Hajj Booking 2019. The countdown is clearly visible on local hajj portal official website localhaj.haj.gov.sa. Only fix a number of pilgrims were allowed to perform hajj thus in case of the registration of pilgrims complete a/c to fix numbers, then online registration will be closed for more online registrations.

Hajj is one of the main pillars of Islam though from the blessings of Allah it is only compulsively once in one’s lifetime therefore we advise all Muslims who intend to perform Hajj that they shouldn’t begin the journey until they learn the manner in which the messenger of allah Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam performed it so that they can follow his perfect example obeying his command when he Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam said” take your Hajj rites from me”

The Blessed city of Mecca in it, is the ancient house of Allah towards which ye in the hearts of Muslims from all over the world. The faces and hearts are directed towards it in a state of humility and submission to Allah five times in the day and night, to it Muslims come from every deep and distant mountain highway in order that they may perform their hide rituals this has been from the time that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam built it in accordance with the command of Allah so that the believers could respond to the call of Allah to his house and thus the Blessed Kaaba became the first place for mankind to worship and hajj Allah alone the Blessed Kaaba was established so that the believers may worship Allah upon a clear guidance and pure belief.

From the moment that Allah subhana WA Ta’ala willed for the radiant Sun of Islam to rise he the almighty sent his final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the religion of truth to make it victorious over all other religions to make clear for mankind the aspect of ignorance and misguidance they had fallen into and to make plain the reality of worship of allah subhana wa ta’ala Islam has been established on five pillars

  • One bearing witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah
  • two to establish the five prayers
  • three to pay Zakat
  • four too fast the month of Ramadhan
  • five and to perform Hajj

So the Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam a person who has the means and ability has not fulfilled the duties of Islam until he performs the Hajj and it is compulsory upon every Muslim who has reached the age of maturity is sane and is living in freedom once in one’s lifetime. King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud believes firmly in the importance of his obligation and the necessity in offering the best of services for everyone who arrives to perform this religious ritual hence the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has employed its entire human and material capacities and has directed all of its ministers to the services of the guests of ar-Rahman for their comfort and safety they are surrounded by the care of Allah Azza WA JAL so don’t hesitate in taking advantage of all of these services.

From Local Hajj booking Portal residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia could select local hajj operators. This e-portal gives comprehensive details of certified local hajj operators what services they provide, their prices, location of their offices the charge for their Hajj services range between SR3,000 and SR11,890. The charges depended on the location of camps in MINA and transportation. The services were more good for those who buy expensive package while fewer services were provided to those who buy low category package.

Last year the quota for pilgrims who perform Hajj is 41,000 but maybe this year the quota becomes more less. In 2016 almost 75 hajj operators may take part in Hajj Services.

In terms of facilities the low-cost category consists of normal tents with lesser facilities, the low-cost package doesn’t allow children to stay with them, there are almost six low-cost packages in the list.

While those who buy NORMAL or VIP hajj packages get wooden tents with aluminum doors other facilities may includes Air Conditioning, sofa beds, Wifi and speakers,  pillows, sheet sets, comforters, shelves for luggage and shoes, carpets, artificial grass walkways, special toilets were set up  for each 30 hajjis while one for special persons.

Types of Local Hajj Packages 2019:

Learn More about Local Hajj booking 2019 Package Details

Economical 2 (Cheapest Package):

This packages costs 3,470 SAR, includes services like accomodation, transportation(economy class), lodges, mashaer train during tashreeq.

Economical 1(normal):

The package offers several options you can customize according to our needs, lodging at Mina camps, transportation, meals, mashaer train services. The package costs according to the services user selected, 3,450 to 4,797 SAR.

VIP or Hospitality: The most expensive package contains more services and special tents, transportation, Air Condition, Sofa Beds, Wi-Fi, Speakers, Pillows, Sheet sets, Comforters, Shelves for luggage and shoes, Carpets, Artificial grass walkways, Special toilets, etc.

Local Hajj Booking Tasreeh 2019

  1. Visit the hajj portal 2019 official website: https://localhaj.haj.gov.sa/
  2. In Menu there are several option Packages Hajj Companies and Inquires, Select Packages and Reservation and go to Reservation Request
  3. On the first step, you need to Generate and Search Hajj Package For this select how many Males and Females Pilgrims, your current residence city, and package type. Note: On low-cost package, Female Passenger must travel with Mehram but it is allowed in normal or higher packages.
  4. Ones you click on submit button you will see Hajj Operators in your city with their package types, facilities and rates.
  5. Now click on book button. Must consider that there are three package Normal, low and high select which you want.
  6. On next step applicant need to verify his Mobile number after entering mobile number you ill receive code from MOH enter the code to verify the number.
  7. After verification enters the iqama number and date of birth of each pilgrim, next select when you leave mina. Agree with terms and condition and Must read all the rules.
  8. In next step you will need to add NOSOK type
  9. Must read all the rules carefully especially Hajj instructions and cancellation rules in case you don’t want to perform hajj.
  10. Now in this page you will see the final reservation information, make sure all of this information is according to Iqama specified.
  11. On final step, you would clearly see it is asking for payment.
  12. Pay your amount through SADAD payment using sadad number and biller code

Collect you hajj tasreeh from agent, you can also print hajj permit online.

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