Local Hajj 2019 List of Packages Economy and Guest

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Announced 2019 Local Hajj Packages

Local Hajj Companies and Agents are informed with new Hajj Packages and their new name, this time including VAT Tax. Each year Ministry of Hajj and Umrah make a list of Hajj Packages that consists of Economy and Guest Packages.


Hajj Accommodation

During Hajj pilgrims usually stays in tents, thousands of these tiny tends were clearly visible during hajj, these tents allocated according to the package chosen by pilgrim if it is economy package the tent will be a really simple one.

List of Local Hajj Packages with Categories and Rates

How to Apply for Local Hajj Booking 2019, read the most important steps required for registering with Local Hajj 2019.

Economic Packages:

The cheapest and most booked packages are Economic Packages and most of the expatriates in Saudi Arabia Consider to book on these packages. These packages have limits once the limit is reached the registration for economic packages will be closed.  The charges for Economic Category are up to 4,547.

The economy Hajj packages announced by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

Category Charges
Economy A1 SAR 4547
Economy A2 SAR 4,235 to SAR 4,485
Economy B SAR 4,172 to SAR 4,422
Economy C SAR 4,047 to SAR 4297
Economy D1 SAR 4172 to SAR 4,922
Economy D2 SAR 3,947 to 4,047(Lowest)
Economy E SAR 3,697 to SAR 4,047(Lowest)

Charges for B category for Hajj is between SR.4,172 to SR.4,422. Charges for category C is between SR.4,047 to SR.4,297.. Under the category of D for Hajj, there are 2 sub-categories D1 and D2. The charges for  D1 category is between SR.4,172 to SR.4,922. While for the category D2 the range will be SR.3,947 to SR.4,047.The range is from SR.3,697 to SR.4,047.

Economic package 2 Category rates for this category will be SR. 3,465. This is the most cheapest

Guest Packages Local Hajj: Also called Premium VIP packages

All guest Packages from 4 to 1
Guest 4 Package Package Amount Guest 3 Package Package Amount Guest 2 Package Package Amount Guest 1 Package Package Amount
Guest A1 SR.6,308 Guest A1 SR.7,108 Guest A1 SR.7,910 Guest A1 SR.8,161
Guest A2 SR.6,246 Guest A2 SR.7,046 Guest A2 SR.7,848 Guest A2 SR.8,099
Guest B SR.6,183 Guest B SR.6,983 Guest B SR.7,785 Guest B SR.8,036
Guest C SR.6,058 Guest C SR.6,858 Guest C SR.7,660 Guest C SR.7,911
Guest D1 SR.5,933 Guest D1 SR.6,733 Guest D1 SR.7,535 Guest D1 SR.7,786
Guest D2 SR.5,808 Guest D2 SR.6,608 Guest D2 SR.7,410 Guest D2 SR.7,661
Guest E SR.5,708 Guest D3 SR.6,508 Guest D3 SR.7,310 Guest D3 SR.7,561

If pilgrim want to stay on Mina Tower the charges has been fixed at SR.11,905.

Source: Saudi Gazette