If you were a Employee and want to check that what is nitaqat category of your company kafeel or sponsor whether its is platinum, red, green, yellow or white. You must have to know Iqama number of yours in order to check the color. If you confuse about the word nitaqat and what is this system than I already discuss about the nitaqat System in KSA. The system which allow Saudi Nationalists to get more jobs and the companies which employ higher number of Saudi Employees can get benefits. But you must have certain amount of employees to get benefits higher status of nitaqat is Platinum and green which mean those companies have these colors have more Saudi Nationalists employees.

Procedure to Check Nitaqat Color RED GREEN YELLOW:

  1. Go to this link of
  2. Enter you muqeem card/Iqama number in the box of “رقم اللقامه” as shown below.check iqama nitaqat color green red
  3. Now type the image code in box.
  4. After that click on Search button i.e “بحث”.check iqama nitaqat category
  5. Now at the end of the screen you will see the box check the color of box to know the category of your company.

Note: If you were using chrome than changing language to English is more easy just see the black icon in the address bar click and translate.

In my above result the message appears means that you company is in the category of Green but it is small means that the company have Saudi Employees but not on so much large scale it id due to the reason that the company is not so much large. So it easy for those employees having Green category company to transfer their sponsorship.