File a Labour Violation Complaint to Indian Embassy

Every country have embassies in countries where most of their residents go or work, these embassies are also establish to promote economic growth between countries. In Saudi Arabia population of expatriates is in millions, workers all around the world came here to work in Private sector, Indian expat community is largest among  others countries living in Saudi Arabia.  Due to huge numbers there were various complex problems were faced by expatriates mainly these problems are legal and related to violations related to their employer.

Indian embassy keep in view of the expats issues related to labour violations, establish a labor wing which provides guidance to victim expats and help them in labour court.

To Register the labour violation with Indian Embassy Download The Application form and visit the Indian embassy 9 AM to 12 PM. The complain would be filed without paying any charges.

Contact the above labour offices of Indian Embassy in your premises and submit the above downloaded application in the Office.