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No Iqama Renewal Without This Test

Most of Expatriates having origin of African countries usually carries HIV virus which will be fatal if they came in to Saudi Arabia. From now it is mandatory for 10 Countries nationalist to perform Health Check on Each iqama renewal in which HIV test is mandatory. Madinah Newspaper Quoted. The …

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Check Query Iqama Expiry Date Online

Saudi Iqama holders can check their iqama expiry date online using Ministry of interior e-services, as many of iqamas now expiry date is replaced with issued date, the only way to check iqama using MOI website. The first way to check iqama is visiting the MOI website link directly. Visit …

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Check Work Permit Fee (Maqtab Amil) Levi Online

Work permit fee SAR 2400 is paid or not? Can now be checked online using Ministry of Labour website. The work permit fee is must be paid by employee’s sponsor after expiry date if work permit fee is not paid than sponsor may get huge fines as well as employee …

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How to Change Picture on Iqama?

Iqama is crucial proof of identity in Saudi Arabia for expatriates, it is must be well maintained and without any type of error. Picture on iqama shows the person to whom the card is belong to, there is not specific reason to why to change the picture but sometime if …

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The form which is used for 5 jawazat related purposes is given below. The name of this form is not known but its is application for applying for completion of services given below. For consideration I just call this form as IQAMA FORM for reader understanding. Whenever you apply for …

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It is confirmed now that new monthly fee on each dependent iqama for expatriates in Saudi Arabia will start from July 1. Now authorities confirm that these monthly fee for dependents Iqama shall be paid during iqama renewal or issuance. Starting from July the new fee(levy) applicable to each dependent …

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Jawazat Warned Against False Iqama Fees

Saudi Passport department(Jawazat) warned the people to keep aware of the rumors around social media about iqama renewal fees and visa charges. Talal Al-Shalhoub, spokesman for the General Directorate of Passports gives statement against the false rumors of fees and said that Rumors are spreads around the Social Media about increment of …

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iqama status check ksa

Lot of expatriates ask me about iqama status some of them want to know iqama status of his sponsor company, some of expatriates wants iqama expiry and validity online. Another common question is how i can know Iqama is green red or yellow. Well all of them have different answer …

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Check Iqama service allows you to check all related information about your resident id in Saudi Arabia. This service is available online on different government websites where all of your persnol data is saved. To check your own iqama expiry, status, validity or other details you may check this article …

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What to Do If Iqama is Lost or Stolen

iqama lost stolen in ksa

A nightmare is starts when you lost Iqama muqeem card or someone stole your personal things with iqama. Arabian gulf life tells you that what to do now is it any way to recover your iqama without having original iqama which is lost. We start examining some topics such as …

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