How to Change Picture on Iqama?

Iqama is crucial proof of identity in Saudi Arabia for expatriates, it is must be well maintained and without any type of error. Picture on iqama shows the person to whom the card is belong to, there is not specific reason to why to change the picture but sometime if card is damaged resulting the picture become blurred or you just decided to have bread and want to update the picture. Sometime if the picture on iqama for any reason not matches with to your own face than this might also get you in trouble.

Procedure to Change Picture on Iqama:

  1. First must decide why you want to change the picture because at jawazat office the officer might ask you the reason if the reason is valid and logical the procedure will initiate easily.
  2. Go to jawazat office and move toward the section where pictures will be taken by officer.
  3. Ask him that you want to amend the picture on Iqama
  4. The officer take your photo as well as fingerprints.
  5. He will update your information on computer with new picture
  6. You hand over your old iqama and get your new iqama from printing counter.
  7. Well the above procedure is for those who want to change picture while iqama is valid.
  8. It is better to change the picture at the time of Iqama renewal as it is more accessible. See How to Renew Your Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Changing picture of children:

When anyone made iqama for his newly born baby he submit the picture at that time. After time goes on baby will grow up. To change the picture you have to ask company pro(Mandoob) if he still didn’t do the procedure As an sponsor of Baby you have to do it yourself by visiting jawazat office with your daughter show them original documents, Now it is on Jawazat officers mood if they were not in harsh mood the do its fast, try to visit jawazat when there is less crowd of visitors.
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