Travel to Wadi Shab Oman Location Pictures Map

Finding Best place to feel fresh and naturalize than visit one of the most fascinating Wadis of Oman called Wadi Shab in AL SHARQIYAH. Local Expats and Citizens can usually introduce this place to visitors who likes to swim and hike. Fresh water pools are major attractions in the wadi but to get more you have to hike more. There are water falls hidden within the valley especially one in the cave only be reached by foot while crossing 2 to 3 pools.

The Wadi location make more accessible especially for residents of populated city of Muscat, tourists usually directly came in to Muscat will access this valley by 1.5 hrs drive. Try to book Saloon for to get their.

Deep canyons and blue swimming pools are attractions that wadi shab provides to visitors, before heading towards wadi don’t forget to visit Wadi Tiwi with lovely beach of tiwi, the sinkhole of Bimmah. The wadi is in full joy during Holidays, summers season is very hot in Oman also attracts many visitors to this wadi. If you want more privacy while swimming in the pools try not to visit during holidays as many locals and expatriates with families already gather here for fun.

There many hidden cave in wadi which is not easy to access and most visitors don’t know about them. You can take guide from any local which give you the best possible and easy route to the hidden place.

Wadi Shab Location:

Try to reach early to avoid crowds the water is more cooler at that time. Also try to not go their during weekends because of crowds, always check the weather before packing.

Take the road towards Amerat than Quryat and head toward main road toward SUR.

After Passing the Fins you could see the sign of Wadi Shab Road before the village of Tiwi. Head toward this road until you see a bridge.

Below the bridge you see Boats, Parking Area and toilets.

To get access to Wadi Shab pay rial to boat keeper and after 2 minutes you reach at the start of Wadi.
Latitude : 22°50’13.72″N, Longitude : 59°14’34.71″E

Wadi Shab Map:

Starting of Journey:

While taking the boat to Wadi Shab see the sign given at parking area for pricing, there are local travel guiders are available in just 200 baiza.

After getting out of boat you need hike and walk along green farms, palms, irrigation systems, and rocky cliffs during the walk you already start to see many Pools but there are few worth swimming you can find good pools nearest to water falls.The main attraction which is cave with waterfalls which is 40 to 45 minutes of walk.

The cave can reached after swimming through holes for 10 minutes, sometimes the water is so high that you need to swim under water. The cave is not so much dark as their is light holes up their.

Ropes were hanging their to climb up and than jump in to the pool. After the cave there is another pool. There is more to discover after cave if you didn’t want to go deep in to the pool aside of cave.

huge Crowd during Red Bull Cliff Diving in Oman, Wadi Shab