Nitaqat System in Saudi Arabia

Nitaqat is system of Saudization first introduced by Saudi Ministey of Labour to increase rights of Saudi Nationalists companies with respect to other foreign companies. This program provides extra benefits for those companies and firms having more Saudi Nationalists workers. Nitaqat program classify the companies of private sector in to Four categories i.e Platinum, Green, Yellow and Red. A company with Platnium and Green Tag means has High saudization opposite to those having Yellow and Red category tags. The benefits for each title is different.nitaqat-system-in-ksa

Nitaqat for Platinum Company

Those companies having large amount of emplyees having saudi Nationalists are platinum. The percentage for platnium companies is 40% mean they must have more than 40% employees working in their company to get Platnium status of Nitaqat.
Benefits from Nitaqat to Platium Company:
1. Visa processing for foreign workers is lot more fast than other companies.
2. Platinum employee can transfer their sponsorship without permission of kafeel
3. Platinum employer can transfer sponsorship without completing 2 years period
4. Get 1 year over period in case of liscense expiry
5. They can easily change the profession of their employees.
6. They can renew the iqama/muqeem of their employees three months before expiry.

Check Your Sponsor Nitaqat Category With Iqama

Nitaqat for Green Company

If any companies having 12% Saudi Employees, the company will be consider as Green Status of Nitaqat. Companies having green status can qualify for these benefits:
1. They can be allow to apply for new visas after every two months.
2. If employer want to hire employee than he can easily transfer sponsor ship of those employee who were transferring from RED and Yellow category
3. They can easily change the profession of their employee
4. Whenever their company license is expired they will get grace period of six months until renew the license
5.They can renew the Iqama of their employees three months before the expiry.

Nitaqat For Yellow Company

Those companies having 7% Saudi National employees working in them are called Yellow nitaqat company. Considering their status they get following benefits.

1. They can get only one visa if two abroad employee resign from their sponsorship. In terms of both tanazul and exit visa.
2. They cannot get visas transfer from other sponsors.
3. If their employee want to go to higher nitaqat status company i.e platnium or Green the unable to stop them.
4. There also some restriction on renew iqama of their employees who complete two and six years under their sponsorship.

Nitaqat of Red Company:

It is clear that that those companies having less than 7 % or minimum 4% of employees consists od Saudi Nationalists are considered as Red category. This category is not so much benefits the benefits they have are almost nothing most of these types of companies tries to ypgrade their category to Green so that they avail more benefits.
In this case we discuss problems face by Red nitaqat status holder companies:
1. The cannont apply for new visa of their forirgn employees.
2. They unable to transfer visa from other sponsors.
3. Any employees get a new sponsor of higher nitaqat category they do nothing to stop them
4. They don’t renew the iqama and profession of their employees if expired and changed.
5. They don’t have permission to open new branches.

White Nitaqat of Company

White status holder companies are those who don’t have any employee having Saudi Nationality all of them are foreigners and only one is Saudi National which in this case is owner of company or business.