Family visit visa procedure online

Bring your family person in Saudi Arabia on Visit Visa. For your information every expat can bring following family memebers in KSA either it is on permanent or visit visa. The persons you can invite are Wife, Mother, Father, Children, Sisters, Mother in Law, Father in Law.

How to Apply for Visit Visa for Family?

Many of expats living here to earn livings and some of them are living so harsh here as the have to work and they don’t have their family members to whom he can talk and do some fun moments but its not means that the do not bring them here. Some expats bring their family on permanent visa but to get permanent family visa you must have profession eligible to bring them in ksa. Moreover those employees who don’t have the profession eligible they bring their families same like tourists on visit visa.

How to apply for permanent Family Visa for Saudi Arabia

Family visit visa procedure online
Pre-requisites and Documents Requirements
As i tell you above that these list of professions were only eligible for permanent family visa but still i you don’t have profession matches this list you can bring your family on visit visa.

1. Genuine valid Iqama/muqeem card of Saudi Arabia.
2. Your Passport Copy with Valid Visa
3. Passport copies of those family member are arriving here.

1. Fill Online Visa Application for Family Visit Visa:

As you know what kafeel is in this case you are a Kafeel/Sponsor of your family member, So during applying online application must enter your name as Kafeel.family visit visa application in ksa
1. Open official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Choose English Language for top right corner.
2. Click on Indivituals than choose resident.
3. Select which type of visa choose if you want the visit visa for 90 days or less.
4. Precisely fill the form and Submit.
5. Print the application form.

2. Submit Visa Application to Chamber of Commerce:

1. Sign and write the date on visa application.
2. Take signature of your own sponsor on visa application.
3. Yourself go to the chamber of commerce where your employer/kafeel is registered.
4. Submit fee of visa application in Chamber of commerce i.e 30 SR.
5. The take your application and give you a print out of receipt.

3. Wait and Check Status of Visa Application

1. Open this procedure to check Saudi Visa application Status online.
2. Change the website language in to english.
3. Type in your either passport number, application number and captcha to check the status.

Submit your Approved application to Saudi Embassy :

After you see the status of visa application is approved using above procedure. Send the copy of visa application with application number to you family in home country and ask them to go ta any travel agent for the completion of rest of Saudi Embassy process.

Documents required for this process:

Iqama copy and passport copy of applicant
Original Passports of your family members
4 passport size photos

If your sister is married than Authorization letter from husband and for mother in law or father in law Marriage Certificate with copy of passport of your wife.

Why your Application is Rejected:
As saudi Embassy in you home country have specifec number of families allow to get visit visa that is way your application is rejected but try one more time until they accept.

Travelling with Visa Validity: After application approval embassy takes almost three months to put stamp on your visa. After visa is stamp your family must have to travel within 3 months else visa will be expire.

Extending Family Visit Visa: Yes the visa can be extended
If the visa validity is 90 days than it can be extended for 1 more time.
If the visa validity is 30 days than it can be extended for 5 more times.

Overstaying on Visa: Most of expats don’t know and keep their famlies in KSA more than visa validity, be aware you can face heavy fine on this type of illegal activity some more than 25000 SR will be imposed on you.

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