check rp application status online

When you submit you Residence Permit and ID card application along with all document to Immigration office Gharafa you have to wait for your application to be approved. In mean time you will be now check your rp application online which is really handy and easy to use. The service is totally online and you just need internet connection to inquiry about your rp Application. Qatar government introduces these e services as a part of their initiative called e Hukoomi Qatar. Make sure must submit all required documents with your application i.e medicals tests, blood tests, Fingerprint Registration, Metrash registrations for individuals etc. If you unable to complete the list of required documents may be your resident permit(RP) may disapproved which means that you have to complete the hassle again.check rp application status online

Procedure to Check and Track RP Status Online:

  1. First open the official website of Qatar E services Portal electronic services website
  2. See above of page and click on Inquires and Requests.
  3. You can also change language to English from top left of website.rp-application-status-in-qatar
  4. Now you clearly see the icon of “RP application Tracking and Printing” click on it.rp application status online
  5. After that fill the fields first with your Qatar visa number and second with sponsor ID Number.

If RP application is approved you will be redirected to print you RP if the application is disapproved than they must give you a remarks if something is get wrong with your application. Every expat must knows that you will be given you Qatari ID but first you must have approved residence permit of Qatar. My heart and website platform is open for you must comment below if you want any more information on this topic.

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