Apply for Family Visit Visa Application Online

Yes the application form of Family visit visa is now online in Saudi Arabia and anyone can apply through the visa services provided by mofa. This is a first step in application of Family visit visa procedure that you could submit and print the visit visa application form and submit to chamber of commerce. Family visit visa is totally  same as tourist visa, if your profession didn’t eligible for permanent family visa than through visit visa you could bring your family in Saudi Arabia for 90 days after end of 90 days you could extent the visa up to 6 months but it is on authorities whether to approve your extension or not. Most of the time family visa is didn’t available at the time of Ramadan or Hajj and MOFA rejected your application during these times.

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Family Visit Visa Application Online MOFA:

This is a part of Procedure of complete visit visa application Read Now the detail procedure of Family visit visa Application.

Ministry of foreign affairs provided this services to expats that they can easily fill application online and than after application print the visa application form. So let see how you can fill this online application form.

  1. Visit official website of MOFA Saudi Arabia, the website is in Arabic Language if you understand Arabic than its OK if not you could change the language from upper left corner of website. Also use chrome translation icon situated at right side of search box.Check Mofa visa status family
  2. Now you will see several electronic visa services provided by mofa. Click on Family Visit Visa Application under resident, this allow you to apply for visit visa for first degree relatives.
  3. The first stage is to agree of the terms and condition here English support is not available so try to use chrome Translator.visit visa application status
  4. After with terms they redirected you to second stage in which you require to enter Current Iqama Number, Iqama Expiry Date, and visa number and than click on Next button.Visit visa application saudi arabia
  5. After entering your information you will see your name profession and date of birth in Arabic in next stage. Here you have to fill city in Arabic, Email ID, your Saudi Arabia Mobile Number after that click on next to move towards 4th stagefamily visit visa application form
  6. Here you see the screenshot in English but Original is in Arabic on first box you have to justify the trip just give the name in Arabic for example “Family Visit” زيارة عائلية. On second box select A single trip رحلة واحدة Enter duration in third Box. At the end click on Add button to add family visit visa application mofa
  7. After that fill out the details about your family members and dependents name written in passport (english), Religion, Gender, Kinship (relation of you), Come to Hand means “city from where dependent traveling”, Nationality and Date of Birth.
  8. At the end Click on Add button to add family member/dependent in the list for more entry again add another member
  9. Now on last or 5 step they show complete information submitted by you to apply for family visa.