How to Become permanent Resident of Saudi Arabia

Recently you may heard about Saudi Green Card(Permanent Resident) which is same as USA green card which let you to become resident of USA. Same in Saudi Arabia Green Card were introduced but the major aim behind introduction of this card to boost up the revenues of SAudi arabia in terms of Green Card fee. But eligibility of this card is a thing which shocks most of expatriates that Green card is not for all of us, anyone living in Saudi Arabia for years don’t think that he/she easily get this card to become permanent resident of Saudi Arabia. Green card is only eligible for  investors who invest in Saudi Arabia in business and second for those who were highly professional in their fields like scientists, scholars, and other professional persons.

These decision of eligibility of Green card permanent resident is taken by Shoura council as i already told this news about thin on my article. Which stated that only those person related to professional field or want to invest in Saudi Arabia may get this card.Green card issuance in ksa

Green Card is Only for Investors and Professionals

Still the Green card is in study phase and most of its detail may still hidden and not available right now.

So most of you thinking about what benefits you get from the Green Card in Saudi Arabia well it enables you to live like permanent residents of Saudi Arabia. Holder of Green card buys and sell property in Saudi Arabia, you don’t have to work under any type of sponsor but you may sponsor other persons to work under you as this allow you to start business in Saudi Arabia.

Also its lets you to enjoy other benefits from Saudi Government and you could pay zakat as well as tax to Government. As Saudi Arabia starts Vision 2030 which also not only boost economy but also a perfect opportunity for investors to get benefits and safe their future investments.