Ooredoo Qatar Nojoom Rewards

nojoom rewards ooredoo

Nojoom is reward earning program of ooredoo Qatar, it one of the best reward giving program in Qatar It has wide range of members and patners which gives services and gifts to nojoom members in exchange of their nojoom points. Nojoom members after earning points could redeem them from oordeoo shops, customers will be able to purchase devices and accessories from ooredoo shops, get top ups for hala ooredoo, Shahry sms and call minutes rewards, ooredoo voucher from which you can save QR’s while purchasing of devices and accesories and ooredoo shops.Nojoom awards

Members could registered with nojoom rewards online using website or by through ooredoo app also could be able to redeem points through app. Nojoom has more than 150 partners such as Qatar Airways, QNB, SHARQ, Landmark. Nojoom program constantly amaze his member with new rewards, Ooredoo has always emphasizes on Nojoom program to develop nojoom no one other has develop yet.

Every nojoom member is given with three statuses RED, SILVER and GOLD red nojoom program gives 1 nojoom point in exhcahnge of 1 QR, Silver Nojoom program  gives 1.5 nojoom points in exchange of 1 QR and GOLD nojoom program gives 2 nojoom points in exchange of 1 QR. Well it means higher membership gives better point.  Also must remember that Each NOJOOM POINT = 100 QR see how big it is.

Earning process of these point is really easy but you must be a customer of HALA and Shahry. The process starts from Recharging your hala line, after that use the credits, the nojoom point automatically collected after usage and at last you have to redeem your points from ooredoo shops or Nojoom partners.

So last thing is Redeeming these points, you can also redeem you points for online shopping using partners. For example if you choose your gift online, now enter your ooredoo mobile number after that e-voucher is send to your mobile, take this voucher to partner outlets or shop and collect your device, accessories, and gifts.