Green Card For Top Qualified Expats and Investors

Te recent shocking news was published on Arab News in which the Green Card concept of Saudi Arabia is slightly exposes. Most of expats who working for many years in Saudi Arabia now feeling that they will be able to get permanent residence of Saudi Arabia with this Green Card program but reality seems different according to top Shoura Council official Saudi Green Card will only be issued to professionally qualified Expatriates and top foreign investors of Saudi Arabia.

Which means it is difficult for those small Saudi Expats workers who work in Saudi for years couldn’t be able to get benefit from Green card if the green card program is only for top investors or expert professional workers.

green card for expats

But the Green Card is still in study phase and many Saudi ministries are still analyzing the green card program, after the complete studingy it would be more cleared that who could be able to get Green Card.

Benefits of Green Card for Saudi Arabia:

  1. Saudi Government takes good advantage from foreign investors and professional expats by giving them permanent residence.
  2. New gates opened for foreign investment.
  3. Many expats will be able to get permanent residence of Saudi Arabia
  4. Fee paid by expats for Green card issuance is another advantage for Saudi Government.
  5. The expected amount generated by this program is more than 10 billion dollars annually.

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