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Extend Renew FAMILY VISIT VISA Saudi Arabia

After getting family visit visa by following the long procedure every expat want to extend this visa so that their family stay in Saudi Arabia for long time. As your family on visit visa so they are on temporary stay they go back to home after 30 days when their visa is expired. Any expat not want their family to go home back can extend the visa of their family but for this there were some rules of extension first we discuss those regulations than we check out two procedure of visit visa extension.family visit visa extention

How to Get Visit Visa for Family in Saudi Arabia

Rules and Regulations of Extension of Visa:

  1. Visit visa issued for 30 days time period can be extended up to 5 time for 30 days time period for each. For every extension you can extend visa for 30 days. By this your family can staty up to 180 days.
  2. You can can extend visa only before one week or 7 days before expiry of Visit Visa.

1. Procedure to Extend Visit Visa:


Original and copy of Passport also Visa

Original and copy of Muqeem Card/ iqama

Passport Size photograph

Passport Extension Form

100SR fee

Pay fee from bank account or visit Jawazat office to pay your fee where find any typing agent to fill your passport form they take 10 to 20 SAR. Submit the form and extend family visit visa period.

2. Procedure to Extend Visit Visa Online:

  1. Login to your Absher Online Account on Moi og you don’t have account on MOI than visit this to register new account.
  2. Pay 100Sr for the visa extension fee under you iqama from your online banking account
  3. After login to you Absher account check funds under your iqama.
  4. Than click on E-Services Tab.
  5. From sidebar you can see extend Visit Visa Click on it
  6. Confirm to extend your visit visa after which you see the message of successfully extend your visa of family.
  • latheef

    what about under new saudi rules over visit visa fees, can we still extend visit visa we already having?
    my family visit visa expiring on 14th october 2016, can i able to extend (as per new rule)?

    • Khurram Shahzad

      According to Saudi Jawazat official Website The Visit Visa Extension fee is still 100 Saudi Riyal…As hajj period is now over you could easily extend you visa

  • Mohammed Hisham

    Dear ,

    What happens if my family comes on visit visa , And unfortunately I get transferred to a new employer , Does this also affect my Family visit visa for 90 days.

  • Sejo

    can anyone tell about work visit visa? is there any changes in the fee or duration for the work visit visa, am in riyad on work visit visa and 90 dayas validty get over by coming Friday and today i given my passport to the HR for extension of my visa.

  • Sairah

    Do u know that how many months can be extend of visit visa in KSA. i mean after 6 months would be extend ?

  • Sairah

    we already got 3 months visit visa.

    • Najeem

      Mr .sairah

      You extand your famiy vist visa after 6 month ,pls tell me,any body

  • adeel ashraf khan

    what about under new saudi rules over visit visa fees, can we still extend visit visa whch we already having?
    my family visit visa expiring on 08th of october 2016, can i able to extend (as per new rule and how much the extending fee?? can anyone please update ?
    Kind regards

    • Mazahir khan

      Adeel Can you please give me a call at 0583210578

  • abu jasir

    Is anyone done extend visit visa after hajj in these days??my family visit visa gonna be expire in 3 days and i paid visa extention fee too but i still getting same msg on absher account while extend visit visa process that you cannot extend VV plz contact PP office…please tell me why its happening and what the soultion for it.I have only 3 days left in expiration visa(visit visa was for 90 days and this is first time i m going to extend visa for more 3 months)….pls need help…

    • Irshad

      Mr. Jazir
      May I know the status of your VV. I’m also having same issue.
      Have u extended? If yes please tell me the amount as well.

  • Sajjad

    Hello kindly anyone tel me about visa extention as per new rules and regulation as my family was on visit visa for 30 days and visa will be expired on 10 Nov
    ……how many times it can b extend??kindly reply

    • Basheer

      Salaam Mr. Sajjad,

      if your visa is issued for 30 days, you can extend 5 times, with 30 days validity each renewal.
      Recently i extended my family visa with 100SAR.
      price is still the same..

    • Mazahir khan

      Can you please update what happened to your Visit visa Extention .

  • Sajjad

    Thanks alot basheer sahib. …..

  • Manesh

    Please note : 90 days Iqama validity is required if anyone wants to extend family visit visa. The process is simple go to MOI , Log in and after that click on extend visit visa. Simply follow the process and its done.

  • Imran

    If any family visit visa expire and they still in saudi arabia what they do..

  • Ridvan Abdul Kabeer

    Salam All,

    How many times visit visa can be extended, my family visit visa will be expired on 20-Feb-17. I am already done a visa renewal, can I renew the visa once more, please reply

    • Mazahir khan

      Got Visit Visa 3 months after New rules.

      can i extended the Visit visa Under New Rules.

    • Adhil saleem

      Hai my family vv will expire on 1st of March and i want to know about the visa extension fee is it 100 SR “? can you please reply me immediately.

  • Manzoor

    Dear Ridvan Abdul,
    can you tell me how much fee you paid for extend visit visa ?
    is again insurance required for visit visa extension?

  • Nazir

    I would like to know the fee charges for extension of visit visa for 3 month period and is again required medical insurance for extension.