Penalties For Selling FAKE Cosmetic Products Saudi Arabia

selling fake cosmetic products in saudi arabia

Manufacturing fake version of any product and than selling them in Market is now common practice in Saudi Arabia this is usually considered as fraud and authorities time by time take action to Ban them but still local and foreign manufacturers secretly make these types of products. One of the major advantage of these products is that they look like original brand but prize tag is far much lower than original. These products have two categories one are not harmful and second are harmful such as fake products like belts, clocks, fake fashion accessories etc but harmful are those which were applied directly to human skin or sometime consumed by humans.

selling fake cosmetic products in saudi arabia

These harmful counterfeit products may include ingredients much cheaper than original without any type of quality assurance. People buy them and after using them may face serious type of health problems. Counterfeit cosmetics are much common than other food or medicines as they easily sold and mostly women could easily buy them due to unfamiliar of genuine and fake products.

Most of people sell these products using social media which make authorities difficult to caught them. Usually these products are sold by women as all other women buyer can easily trust them and hence send delivery to their home.

Selling Fake Products and doing fraud with people is against the law of Saudi Arabia and serious type of complications may occur of caught. According to new regulation implement against selling fake products, any person who do these malpractices may face 5 years of Jail or fines up to 5 million SAR.

These products also includes  expired products. false labeled products, products data written on it is consistent, or doing fraud and cheating in product itself.

Saudi Food and Drug Authority inspectors could visit these fraud facility and show you card of SFDA and than ask you anything about products licence to operate, and even take samples of products in order to check them.