UNKNOWN Sim is Registered Against Iqama

Muqeem Card or Iqama is mandatory for Sim registration in Saudi Arabia always remember to take extra care of iqama as it is not thing to be forgotten somewhere or to give some unknown person but if you left the copy of your iqama/muqeem somewhere or give the copy to any person for any registration purpose than Its is a near chance that somebody misuse your ID and register services on your name especially SIM cards.

The reason behind this misuse is those people who enter illegally in KSA and they don’t register their own iqama so they go to the shops which gave them sim registered on any other iqama after pay some extra money they got your named sim and uses for calling and messages. Be aware of these ill repute small mobile shops always buy sims from well reputed shop owners.

So what to do in this situation first it positive thing to check How many sim registered against you Iqama must go to near mobily, zain, virgin or STC customer care centers to ask for sim checking. They easily tell you the number of sim registered under your iqama in some cases it is seen that 5 to 10 sims were under one iqama was registered and individuals don’t even know the numbers of those sim. Yes you got shocked whenever you do inquiry about your sims.

Must see that how many sims is registered against your iqama on each network Check How Many SIMS Register Against your ZAIN STC MOBILY 

If you have online account of your respective SIM company than must visit to see whether how many sim you have and what are unkown. I know STC provides online account but don’t know about other providers. Its and easy and hassle free checking.

How to Blocked or Remove these Unknown Sims?

These Unknown Subscriber Identity Modules(SIM) were property of your respective service providers all the things like calling messaging data services were totally in the hands of service providers. As I previously point out That go to the customer service centers of you provider and tell them to check those unkown sim If you find any unfimiliar Sim against your Iqama number suddenly ask them to remove or block them must take you original iqama with yourself as they may ask you to give the copy of iqama and show genuine iqama. At the end you easily get rid of those unkown sims. Any other type of situations you face than must get in touch with us by commenting below.