MOI Abshir Service Activation

After completing the registration of account on Moi Absher online service you have to activate account through using online bank account, ATM machines, self service kiosk, and Jawzat offices. Activating your online absher moi account can serve you a lot of benefits with reliable system of Advantages provided by this account such as you can check you iqama expiry dates, check hajj eligibility, health insurance expiry date traffic violation and many more benefits. MOI KSA provides you some best easy ways to activate the account fastly Today we can scan those ways.

Here is the list of Activation Ways:

Online Bank Account

Self Service Machines

Visiting Jawazat Offices

Activate Abher MOI Account using Bank Account

Al Ranjhi Bank:

From Internet Banking: Login to you account from the top menu choose services, then find and select MOI Registration accept the terms after reading and confirm your account by clicking on proceed after that you will get sms of activation of Absher Account.

Al Rajhi Bank ATMs: Go to the Atm, use official Al Rajhi Atm card choose “other operations” then touch on Portal of the Ministry of Interior check you account information and after completion you will get SMS.

With Phone: Call to Al Rajhi Banks on the this number 920003344 The will ask you to enter Customer number, PIN and complete the procedure to active moi account.banks_in_saudi_arabia

Activation With Riyad Bank:

Online Bank account: login to you online banking account of Al Riyad bank, Find and open Government Services, complete the process of activation and you will get SMS on completion.

Activation on NCB BANK(AL AHLI BANK):

Using Phone: Call the number of NCB bank that is 920001000, enter you details to authenticate than press 4 than 2 and at the end 5. You will given a SMS of registration completion.

ATM Machine: Use your official NCB card in the atm machine of NCB bank after that select Activate MOI account to activate you account.

Activation on BANK ALBIDAD:

Internet Banking: Login to you official online bank account find and click on “MOI Portal Activation” Read terms and conditions and than proceed to activate moi absher account. You will receive SMS of activation.

Activation on Bank Al Jazira:

ATM Machines: Visit near ATM of Al jazira and enter official card of Aljazira than select service of MOI registration. And activate you will receive activation sms.

Activation on Self Service  Kiosk Machines:

This is another way to activate Absher account which is called Kiosk Self Service Machines. This procedure require finger print registration of you index finger, iqama and cell number. We will discuss this procedure in detial in near future.

Visit Jawazat Offices:

This procedure requires you to practically visit the Jawazat offices for registration and activation prove the identity to them take your passport iqama than respective department of Jawazat will activate you MOI absher account.