What is Procedure for International Driving License of Qatar?

If you recently move to Qatar and want to drive a vehicle and you have a international driving license than how much time it is valid in Qatar or What is the International driving license and its difference from other driving licenses so let go to start the article.

What is International Driving Permit/License?

First of all we must have to understand the international license clearly. It is a license which was issued by Government of your respective country and could be used worldwide Yes around the world but be careful must consult the traffic officer ask him to give them a name where the license is valid. Don’t worry if the list have Qatar written on it. In most of countries international driving license is given after completion of 1 to 3 of years of you driving career and you must posses valid driving license of respective type. After certain formalities, Government will issue a international driving license. The difference between full license and international license is that it have rules which will restricted you from driving of certain kind of vehicle also it has less validity time as compare to full license. Also International driving license has electronic chip embedded which will provides detail information about your driving license on traffic check points.

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How You use Any other International Driving license in Qatar?

Most of expats  in Qatar are here for employment purposes especially driver whether it is taxi driver, personal drivers, heavy vehicle drivers etc. When any expat enters in Qatar and don’t want to get in the hassle of getting driving license he already make international Driving license from his home country so that when after entering in Qatar with taking time he can start working. Also some expats require to make resident permit first to get license, without waiting for day until his resident permit is ready he can use international Driving license without any worry.

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Another scenario is that when any expat on visit visa and want to travel to the tourist destination himself on Rented car than he can use his international driving license with making a new license in Qatar.

What is Validity of International license in Qatar?

The validity is really important in the case of this license as some of the countries restricted the validity of license some issue only 6 months and some 4 months be careful in that must ask traffic police officer for validity information. In Qatar the international driving license is only Valid for six months from the date of arrival in Qatar after that it will consider as expired you have to make new one. I see the lines stated on www.gov.qa that international licence holders are restricted to driving rental vehicles as insurance companies require drivers of privately-owned vehicles to hold a full licence.

Procedure for Apply Qatar International Driving license:

You can also get Qatar international driving license by showing Qatari Driving License. In order to get Qatar International Driving License You need to Visit QATC(Qatar Automobile and Touring Club) Office at following address:

C Ring Road Between Najma Street and Al Matar Street located at opposite to Doha Petrol Station

P.O.Box: 18, Doha – Qatar
Ph: +974 4441 3265 / 4441 5718, Fax: +974 4441 4319
Email: club@qatcqatar.com

At Office Give the Documents: Valid Qatari driving license
Two  photographs
QR 150 May be higher if you visit other than QATC.

Just it after giving the above documents they just make all the thing themselves and handover you international license to you in 5 to 30 minutes. There are lot of other Travel Agents can make you similar license but fee may vary for everyone.