Muqeem Iqama Change Profession

If you Check the profession written on your Iqama or on MOI KSA website and if it is different from your work occupation than you must have to change the profession on your Iqama/Muqeem Card as it is certain that if you work on different field that is written on iqama than this is illegal in Saudi Arabia. These issues were controlled by Jawazat Saudi Arabia and Jawazat Authorites Raid on anytime at your office and arrest you than departure you from Saudi Arabia.Muqeem Iqama Change Profession

The process of changing profession usually are for educated persons or professional as they have higher education degrees and they also bring their family in Saudi Arabia on permanent visa. If you have been upgraded to higher profession and want to acquire all type of benefits under your profession than must change profession written on your iqama. See which type of professions you required to bring family in Saudi Arabia. You have to request Ministry of Labour Saudi Arabia MOL for changing of profession in KSA.

How to Change Profession on Iqama/Muqeem Card:

1.Attest the higher education degrees certificates from the Saudi Arabian Embassy and Saudi Cultural offices in your home country. Refer to the procedure of Degree Attestation

NOTE: If you want to change profession to Engineer than must register with Saudi Council of Engineer see how to register your profession on Saudi Council of Engineers.

2. Now those degress are prove of your profession and must be match with profession for which you are applying for.

3. Ask your company HRD or kafeel sponsor for request letter for change on profession which is attested from Commerce office of your area. Also tell them to give fee of 1000 Riyal for profession change.

4. You must be a professional such as engineer, doctor, accountant to change your profession and get the benefits. If you are a labour, helper, driver, mason then it is unable for you to change the profession to higher status.

5. After that bring your attested degrees, request letter, passport, iqama and other documents to your sponsor or company HRD to change the profession written on your iqama.

As now most of the profession change is easily done online through online services provided by KSA. It is not require to attest the degrees but it is good to have attested degrees with you many time Jawazat agent visit the company for checking of these types of things.

Attested degree are mandatory if you apply for permanent family visa must see of your professions is eligible for getting you family here in Saudi Arabia. To track the profession change status you have to follow the status of change in profession on Iqama at MOI KSA.