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Saudi Council of Engineers Registration

If your profession is an engineer than like every other engineer you should have to get register with Saudi Council of Engineers. After getting registration from Council than you will be eligible to work as Engineer in Saudi Arabia and you can also bring your family in Saudi Arabia and get many more benefits due to this registration. See List of how many types of engineers are eligible for family visa. Moreever you get more rights on such kind of profession also it is illegal to work on any other profession you must have orginal profession written on muqeem card. Some of the benefits provided to professional engineer are shown below:

Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia
Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia
Driving License on Automatic Car On-Arrival Visa at UAE Airports
On-Arrival visa for QatarSaudi Engineers Council Website

  1. Procedure of Registration at Saudi Council of Engineers:
    The attested degrees are required for registration:
    All of your degrees attested from Saudi Embassy and Cultural office from you home country where you achieve those degrees. See The process of attestation.
  2. After attestation you have to translate them in to Arabic language from certified translator
  3. If you are currently working in Saudi Arabia than ask your employer to make request letter for change in profession and attest the letter from chamber of commerce where your employer is registered. This letter enclosed with your monthly gross salary, name as per Id card, joining date, Muqeem card number.
  4. Now Open the website of Saudi engineering council and register for new user and than login to complete the registration process. Upload all of below documents select your appropriate e-service and submit all of your details
  5. Scan and copy all of the documents shown below:
    Copy of Muqeem Card(Iqama)
    Employment Letter
    Authorization Letter
    Copy of Engineering Degree Certificates attested by the Saudi Embassy in your country
    Engineering grade sheet/Mark Sheets
    Copy of Passport
    Latest Photo (200X200 pixels)
  6. After this they give you a Registration Number note this number and do not forget this number.
  7. After 3 days personally go to the Saudi Engineers Council local office and wait for your turn after that gave them “Registration Number” which you note down before.
  8. If information provided by you at online is correctly submitted they ask you to pay SAR 1300 and gave you a Saudi Council registration letter.
  9. If you want to change the profession written on your muqeem card than ask them so that they give you a Profession Change Letter.
  10. Now you are registered with Saudi Council of engineers take both of letters and gave them to your sponsor and they take care of change of profession on your muqeem card.

Note: Please be sure that before registration all of your documents are correct and validated as in case of any error you have to complete the whole procedure again. Or in case of any type of misconception in above points must aware us by commenting below.

  • Walker

    My profession on my iqama is not engineer so I registered with Saudi Council of engineers with the hope that they will help me change the profession on my iqama. After registering and paying the SAR 1250 via SADAD I was given a membership ID. I went to the Saudi Council of engineers office after that and asked for the letter but unfortunately they told me that there is no letter now and that I should go to the Labor office myself and get my profession changed and that they wont give me any letters/documents. Now I am not sure what to do. If anyone has any knowledge or experience on how to proceed please let me know.

    • Khurram Shahzad

      Actually Saudi council of engineers(SCE) gave you copy of profession change letter, they send original to the MOL themselves…Just go to MOL office ask if the receive any letter from SCE of profession change under your iqama number.

    • gull

      dear just go to labour office r give thid membership number to gro,now sec not issuing any letter, they interlinked online.
      did u ask after how long they issue the hard copy certificate

  • sheikh irfan pasha

    My profession on my iqama is Support Technician, My education qualification in BSc (Agriculture) 4 years graduation. I registered and Upload my all attested documents with Saudi council of engineers. But they rejected my application, stating that
    “Your qualifications do not meet the requirements for registration, and your application cannot be accepted”
    I called Saudi council of engineers 920020820, to ask about the reason for rejection.
    One of the Saudi council tele-caller/ Executive told me that, the profession is Support Technician that is the reasons they rejected my application.

    In my current company i am working as an Engineer, I ask my company to change my Iqama profession to Engineer. They agree and they take my all attested certificate.

    If they change my Profession to Engineer, So i can apply again in SCE? Please let me now, If someone have knowledge about this

    Sheikh Irfan

    • Khurram Shahzad

      they ignore your application due to non-engineering degree…you must have engineering degree like electrical of mechanical to become eligible sce registration

      • Moize

        Mr. Khurram Shahzad.. Good day to you. What if you have an engineering visa, and you failed in SCE attestation. Can u still work in saudi? I am an engineer under graduate. But already work as an engineer, and got many xperience. But my concern is my diploma are originaly got from my real academy. It was address to other academy near in my school. So what it should be the responce of SCE to my papers. I wish u should reply me soon. Thanks

  • Moize

    If you did not passed to SCE qualification.. Can u still your in saudi? Eventhough your visa is an engeineer?
    Pls. Response as soon as posible if any one have an idea on dealing this kind of situation. Thanks

  • Qaiser Enam

    Dear Sir,

    I came to Saudi Arabia on Engineer Visa and I am new over here. I have a question, Employment Letter need to be attested/ certified from Chamber of Commerce or not in my case.

  • my registration procedures is completed till 5th of the points given above.
    S.C.E site sent me a message on mobile and same on mail, ” bill number”.
    in the message they wanted me to submit 500 Sr fess by SADAD.
    please tell me if i am on right way?????
    and if i am, then please lead me few step further for SCE process as the attested docs r with me over here.
    what to do next????
    fee submission by SADAD then visit to SCE or Visit to SCE first???/

    • Khurram Shahzad

      Go to SCE and give them registration number and than pay the fee

      • Thank you very much sir…!
        sir…! i have one more confusion.
        for new registration is there any requirement to attempt a test of SCE????
        i came to know from a face book profile that now a days SCE test is compulsory.
        if the rule is declared by SCE than what will be the criteria of test, as you know there is no guide given about this new issue.
        and if the test is not compulsory please mention here once.
        thanks a lot again….

        • aaran

          Its not applicable yet.


    Dear Borthers,

    I submitted my documents online on Saudi engineering council website. I paid the amount 500 Sr. for the initial process. Now i received an email regarding the 750 Sr. to complete the process.
    My question is that i am on student Iqama. My Iqama is renewed as a student.
    Now i joined the new company.
    Is it ok to pay the fees for the completion of process as i submitted my previous Iqama and Company Letter on SEC web portal ? Or should i wait for my Iqama transfer to the company and then get the letters for Saudi Culture & Saudi Embassy Attestation.

    Can someone help me with this matter.

    Need your kind support.


  • Umerism

    Dear All,
    As passport is also to be uploaded in the SCE wizard. Do we have to upload only main page of pass port or visa page is also needed to be uploaded. Please guide

    • Khurram Shahzad

      of-course passport means visa also

      • Umerism


  • Majid Bajaman

    Assalam Alaikum brothers,

    Is there any other benefit apart from Family VISA & on arrival VISA to some of gulf countries?

    I have got my degree attested from Saudi Culture embassy. My family is here. I just need to know if it is worth the hassle?

  • Ameer khan

    I lived in Saudia Arabia and doing my job, I want to Register in Saudi Engineering Council now i heard that there is a test and Interview for new Registration in Saudi Engineering Council, this test is for new Engineers or also who are already working in Saudi Arabia if anyone know about this please inform me.

  • salman

    Dear all I have got membership with SCE ,now plz tell me procedure to change my profession. I have to visit MOL office or my company has to make request online for profession change?

  • Muhammad..

    can I take memberships with Saudi Engineering council without Degree Attested by Saudi embassy and Saudi culture…
    Plz help….

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