How Many Sims Registered Against Iqama?

How to Check Number of Sims Registered against your iqama STC Zain Mobily. 

I already discuss about those sims which were registered anonymously against any persons iqama this moment creates confusion and some of them become so worried about their identity theft. Unknown Sim Registered Against your Iqama. I fairly tries to explain some of the factors which contributes in this misuse of your iqama and why your sim is registered against iqama by any other person. But today’s we’ll find how to get inquiry about number of sims which were registered under your name in KSA by this any individual or expat living in KSA will be able to detect unknown Sims registered against his name.sim cards registered again your name in saudi arabia

This initiative was introduced by The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) which helps residents and expats to check how many sims are registered against their name. To check how many sims against your iqama the process is separate for each telecom company the leading ksa telecom companies includes STC ZAIN and MOBILY.

How to Check STC SAWA SIMS against you name?

For those subscribers who were using Saudi Telecom Co(STC) can check sims registered against his name by sending 9988 to 902. Type 9988 in message portal and send it to 902.

How to Check Zain Sims Against Your Name?

For those subscribers who were using ZAIN can check sims registered against his name by sending blank SMS to 700123. Just send blank SMS in your mobile message portal and send it to 700123.

How to Check Mobily SIMS Against Your Name?

For those subscribers who were using MOBILY can check sims registered against his name by sending blank SMS to 616166. Just send blank SMS in message your mobile message portal and send it to 616166.

The question is this method is work on company specific carrier or we can to this by using any other network for example check STC sims using mobily network NO you can only check through specific network such as you have STC sim and you want to check whether more sims of STC is registered against your name or not.

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What to do if you find unknown Sim Registered against your name?

After completing above process must you will be able to detect suspicious sim registered against under your name than must visit nearest customer care centers of STC, ZAIN or Mobily to confirm that it is my sim but I am not using so block it or give me a new sim and block old ones must take copy of your iqama before going to center.


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  1. I have personally no SIM but there’s are already 10 SIM on my iqama what I should do for cancellation .and how that’s became active without my presence. Unbelievable please give me directions for cancellation .

  2. how can cheek my iqama how many sim and which one company. example I use only stc sim. today I go stc custom care buy one Internet sim. he say my iqama have 8 number sim. but I donot how can possible without my figure. plz solution me

  3. when i visit stc store they said that under my iqama more than 4 sims already taken.but on my iqama i haven’t take the single sim can i remove the sims unknown to me.

  4. i went to stc center today to buy net sim but they didnt allow me because 9 simcard already registered to my iqama. Please help to know what network is register under my iqama. I checked to stc 902 9988 i have only 1 registered stc number. What about the 9 rest? Please advise me to know which network is using my my iqama via online or without going to mobily or zain shop. Thanks

    • Unfortunately You have to go to centers of major companies like zain mobily and stc and ask them if any sim registered against your iqama
      You cannot check how many sim on iqama until you have their network sim

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