Sending Dead Body to Home From SAUDI ARABIA

sending dead body to home country from saudi arabia

After following the procedure of Death of Foreigner Expats in Saudi Arabia It is now time to decide whether to bury the body within Saudi Arabia or sending the body to its Home country  where expat belongs. In Previous article I told you that sponsor have to get NOC certificate in order to get legal permission for burring of body within Saudi Arabia or sending him back to its own country all of these must be executed according to will of legal heirs whether dead person’s family want body to bury in Kingdom or in home country. I especially told you that no NON-Muslim is allow to bury inside the kingdom only Muslims were allow to bury inside Saudi Arabia. Non-Muslim only follow the option of sending dead body back to Saudi Arabia. Lets talk about those Muslims and Non Muslims who want to transfer the dead body towards its Home country.send-expat-body-died-saudi-arabia

How to Repatriate Deceased From Saudi Arabia to Home Country

Sponsor(Kafeel) in the case of Death of his employee is legal person who take care of all the procedures to send the body to its home country now what sponsor have to do as I already told that sponsor have to get death certificate from MOI KSA after that NOC to get permission whether to bury body inside the kingdom or sending him back to Home country.

When Sponsor gets permission to send body back to its Native Country than he must have to Go to Jawazat Office and submit them iqama of dead person in order to get Final Exit Visa.

These are the document which Sponsor Needs to present for sending body to Home Country:
Dead Person’s Passport, VISA, Iqama, Death Certificate(English)
Address of Family in Arabic
Embassy Approval(NOC)
Medical Reports(English)
Power of Attorney Copy from legal Heir Signed by Notary Public
Police Reports
Letter From Sponsor(Dues, Death Compensation etc)

At reciveing end, Legal Heirs(Dead Person Family) must be ready to collect dead body as soon as possible for this they have to submit affidavit at offices in Home Country
All of Arabic Documents must be translated in English by certifed translator. From above documents Airlines require 5 certified documents copies related to deceased person or a letter from Morgue of Hospital. Also obtaining some of documents with translations require to follow complex procedure as well as bureaucratic reference but Embassy provides major guidelines to ease the procedure.

The article is just for Informative Purpose You must have to Contact reponsible person to solve your issues.