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Check Saudi Arabia FINAL EXIT Visa Status

Many of Expats questions about the Final Exit Visa khurooj nihai So on below article we address this issue. Ministry of Interior(MOI) and Labour  arranges some best ways from which any expat could Check their Final Exit visa online from internet. The are two service are provided by MOI and MOL from which the final exit visa processing will be checked.

1. Check Final Exit Visa Status on MOI

  1. Open Official Website of Ministry of Interior www.moi.gov.sa.
  2. Click on E Services Tab and than go to Public Query of Exit Re Entry Visa Status.
  3. After that you will  be redirected to page complete the fields with your Iqama number, Sponsor ID, picture code. On last Two boxes fill with  either passport or Visa Number.
  4. The service is suitable for both indivituals and Family final exit visa status inquiry.

2. Check Final Exit Visa Status on Official MOL Website:

  1. The second method of checking Final Exit Visa is from official website of Ministry of labour.
  2. Open the official website of mol.gov.sa.check iqama nitaqat color green red
  3. Not to confuse with arabic Language just change the language from chrome to English or follow process below.
  4. Enter Iqama number رقم الإقامة picture code in رمز التحقق and at the end click on Search بحث
  5. After clicking on Search you will be able to see the result like this.
  6. If the result shows خروج نهاي than its mean that your final exit visa is issued OR if the result is علي رأس العمل than this means that Exit Visa is in Process.

The above MOL procedure is just exactly likes Nitaqat Iqama color check .

  • Asim Sultan

    Asalam O Alikum
    i came from saudi arabia six months back, when i came the sponsor has handed my passport with ticket and when i asked about the paper of final exit he told that nowadays the system is totally online and you will not face any problem at the airport
    As he said there was no problem at the airport and i got final exit stamped on passport , but when i applied for the new visa stamping the consulate here in Pakistan rejected because of no final exit paper
    but when i talked with my sponsor in saudi arabia he told me that is not required, if any brothers having idea about this please help me to get out of this problem and if it is necessary of final exit paper for new visa stamping then from where i can get this paper
    waiting for the reply

    • Khurram Shahzad

      Follow above procedure and get print out of final exit result and show them this paper

  • Graydon

    Thank you very much for posting this useful information online and enlightening us. Thank you Asim Sultan for your question and Khurram Shahzad for answering the question. It will help many expats who intend returning to the Kingdom.

  • Saqib Zafar

    My brother is working at Saudi Arabia for last 2 and half year. Now his akama is being processed for renewal, but still no answer from his Kafeel. He also not giving him leave to come home. Following are my queries if you could sought out

    1) Whom he write application for final exist without renewed hakama?
    2) What procedure he has to follow?
    3) His Kafeel is in hospital and my brother talked with him but referred him to Manager of Kafeel’s recruiting agency . Manager refused to give him leave to go home and also not providing true picture of renewal process of his Hakama. He is working without pay for the last four months. He can not withdraw money from Bank Account as well.

    4) What is the best way to come out of this situation?

    I would be grateful.

    • Khurram Shahzad

      First tries to renew iqama see this link where i give details about iqama renewal http://www.arabiangulflife.com/how-to-iqama-renewal-process/

      In order to get final exit paper must contact your embbassy but first must clear all your dues and get written permission from sponsor as in case your sponsor didn’t give you permission you may face huroob after going out from ksa.

  • Sujesh Madhavan

    Hello sir,
    I came from saudi arabia 7 months before without giving final exit.. Due to some I was unable to go saudi…
    Now I got one visa for saudi. Can I go back…
    Is there any problem..

  • imran

    hi, I came Pakistan on leave having re entry visa from saudia, but due to some reasons I did not go back.
    now I want to go back in another company in saudia…but I dont have final exit on my passport.is there any way to resolve this issue.

  • Riz

    What is exit stamp in final visa paper. Who will be the responsible for stamping for the exit visa stamp on the final exit visa paper?? Please i need your answer

    • Khurram Shahzad

      The Final Exit is stamped by immigration department

      • Riz

        But sir why there is some complains that they said they got final exit paper but in the airpot they only stamp the passport… Im afraid that if i go for exit and want to comeback again… The saudi embassy in my country dont stamp the new visa because my final exil visa dont have stamp.

  • any body can get saudi final exit paper through this web site http://www.edocgulfservices.com

  • Ashraf Abid Hussain

    Ustaad Khurram Shahzad,

    i came from saudi in june 2014. now i check my visa status today 04-10-2016 it shows green low color so, can i go again to saudi on work visa by giving interview because sponsor don’t put me in huroob.

    please help !

    Ashraf Abid Hussain

    • Khurram Shahzad

      Yes of course if you don’t have huroob and have valid visa than you could go again in Saudi

  • Ashraf Abid Hussain

    Ustaad Khurran Shahzad,

    please you check my iqama number is:- 2366144745, my passport number is H-9129798, Date of Birth is 07 may, 1983 my nationality is India.

    sir kindly check now please can i go again to saudi ! GOD Bless you always

  • Ashraf Abid Hussain

    Sir please reply this for your elder brother future !

  • Ashraf Abid Hussain

    Mr. Khurran Shahzad,

    please help me just check whether i can go to Saudi on work visa my Iqama number is:- 2366144745, my passport number is H-9129798, date of birth is 07may, 1983.

    for GOD sake help me please !

  • Ashraf

    Mr. Khurran Shahzad,

    please help me just check whether i can go to Saudi on work visa my Iqama number is:- 2366144745, my passport number is H-9129798, date of birth is 07may, 1983.

  • Muhammad Jawad

    Please help me, I want to go on final exit my HR department ask me that according to new rules I give iqama to them kindly tell me where I check the new rules

  • Ray

    Good day,
    I just have one question, like others would ask. I ask my employer where should I give my Iqama to because I am leaving Saudi By Nov 3. My employer told me to hold on it until at the airport and have it to the immigration. Is this all the procedure right now? My Passport will be given to me by Oct 31, exit visa copy and my iqama is with me by then. There are many article written that the Iqama should be surrendered to the Passport Department in Riyadh and not in the Airport. Can any one enlighten in any way.


  • md abdul bari

    iam came from india before 2 months. iam not sufficient to stay in saudi arabia and iam want to go india.

  • Umair

    i have got a job out of Saudi Arabia and I want to go on final exit but my wife is out Saudi Arabia on exit reentry. Can I get final exit for my wife while she’s out of Saudi Arabia?

  • Aftab Alum

    I have a dispute with my company regarding my vacation and air ticket, company agreed to pay vacation of 2000/2001 but refused to pay me 4 air tickets for me and my family. How can I claim as the director HR said you can approach to the GM or VP. Please guide Thanks

    • Editorial Team

      Try to settle the matter with VP or GM or ask them if they give tickets not for whole than at least give 2..
      They might not giving you tickets for family because your family is dependent on you not company..Companies usually gives ticket for their employees only as they are sponsor for employee not his family

  • Editorial Team

    Try to settle the matter with VP or GM or ask them if they give tickets not for whole than at least give 2..
    They might not giving you tickets for family because your family is dependent on you not company..Companies usually gives ticket for their employees only as they are sponsor for employee not his family

  • Mohamed yunus mahoorf

    Hi Sir please reply to me my work saudi Arabia one company after the company has same problem am left the company another company after I will come back my current company one month after am working the company my iqama expiry from three months not renewal after my go to het offcee the er tell me your passport the jawazat you have huroob you go back your country his toll me after jawazat one month am Jill and send my back my home country 17/8/2012/send back home now four years this my story sir please reply to me now I will check me passport number ministry of labour my status updates forud number 4 – 2 – 11854226 name mohamed yunus mahroof – licences the facility permits valid worker case final exit evaluation of facility average green I can come back again new visa or not please reply to t

  • Johar

    Dear all

    i went to saudi on 17 April 2014 for work purpose and due to some emergency case i left saudi in 19 June 2014 my iqama was ready that time while i left saudi. so, first please note down my Iqama Number that is# 2366144745. my question is simple can i go again to saudi as i dont have any type of aligation or any case.

    Note Down my Iqama already expired in 09/06/2015.

  • Aleemur Rahman

    Assalamu alaikum
    Bro last year I want to Saudi for job but that wasn’t suitable job for free so I left from there within 50 days
    I didn’t make iqama too
    Now I got job from Saudi Arabia
    But I need exit paper!!
    What should I do pls help me !!

  • Helo there. I worked for a company (as a teacher) for 2 months, Now I have another job offer with another company and the old company can not transfer me since I don’t have an Iqama card. They are giving me a final exit visa. Is it possible for me to come back to Saudi to work as a teacher again? If yes after how long can I come back? And is it possible for a final exit visa to be cancelled? Thank you

  • Ravinder singh

    I stay only 8 days in Saudi Arabia and iqama is not done now I want to go back KSA
    may I want exit paper and how

  • mokhtar

    I try to check final exit but not find asking ragam hadud i dont no what is my ragam hadud please help me about this problem

  • I came back to Pakistan 2 months ago on final exit after working 14 months in Saudi Arabia as an accountant. Now I have a job offer from another company in Saudi Arabia the HR department directed me to visit their representative Kashan Recruiting Agency in Islamabad. But Agency staff is saying that my visa cannot be processed as long as my previous iqama is valid. Please suggest me how can I go back to saudia. Plz help me.

  • Qaiser Satti

    i try many time but website link is not open

  • SHABBIR Khan


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