Coming Back to KSA on Expired Exit Re entry Visa

Those expat for some reason unable to come back in KSA After Visa renewal or Leave they must have question in their head that “What happened if he want to come on expired Exit Re entry Visa”. Yes, there is a way but you must first not to enter on this kind of situations always try to come back in Saudi Arabia before expiry if exit re-entry visa. There is two procedure from which you will be able to come back even on expired visa. These were:

  1. Coming Back on NEW VISA
  2. OR on the Same exit re entry Visa

Coming Back on the Same Exit Re entry Visa:

It is possible to come on the Same Visa but in this case you must have good communication with your sponsor tell him a reason behind this late with 7 months after expiry of Visa. Then he checks you Iqama validity online to see whether your iqama has enough validity or Not. After iqama confirmation sponsor may go to Saudi jawazat office to fill the application form and get a yellow slip for you.

Another thing that sponsor/kafeel can do that he request Saudi embassy of your home country to allow the employee to back home after overstaying on exit re-entry visa. The procedure required the sponsor to make request letter and send it to worker’s country than worker takes all of the required documentation to any Travel Agent which process rest of the procedure and at last employee will be able to get back in KSA with 7 days period. The request letter is attested from Saudi Chamber of Commerce office where sponsor company is Registered.

Coming back on New Visa

Expats must know that if they do not come back on Exit re entry visa than in Saudi Arabia it is considered as violation. Especially for those who do not contact their sponsor. Whenever those expats who commit this violation apply for new visa for Saudi Arabia unable to do so as Saudi Authorities put his name on the block(Huroob) list and he doesn’t come back to Saudi for 2 years and some time expats have to pay heavy fine up to 10,000 SAR.

Check Saudi Arabia Final Exit Visa Status Online

It is good that if you don’t have a plan to getting back in KSA must take final exit Visa for exiting from Saudi Arabia. But it does not mean you didn’t allow to go to other Gulf countries. Also you can still visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and Umrah. Saudi Arabia put these type of Ban to increase the job opportunities for Saudi Nationalists.