attestation of documents in KSA

Procedure of attestation from MOFA and Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia: Attestation of company Documents from Chamber of Commerce is mandatory for registration in many important procedures. Attestation of documents of any company can be done from Chamber of Commerce where the sponsor registered his company. Sponsor take his documents or letter to the chamber of commerce where the first authenticate after that attest his documents with stamps. These attested documents where required for many procedure to be completed such as for registration with Saudi Engineers Council, Family Visa, Degree Certificates Registration and many other.

Attestation of Degree and Certificates:

Whenever if you want to registered yourself with Saudi Engineers Council or want to change your profession the educational documents and degrees are required to complete these processes. For this you required a letter from your company which is attested from chamber of commerce where company is registered. I am giving the procedure of this attestation below:attestation of documents in KSA

Procedure to attest documents form Chamber of Commerce:

  1. Sponsor of any Saudi Company can attest any kind of documents from Chamber of commerce and industry such as appointment documents, request letters, job letters, contracts.
  2. Visit the respective office of chamber of commerce where the company is registered. Take position token from counter see the number of your turn and wait.
  3. When your token number is announced go and give them documents which you want to attest. They start verifying you signature.
  4. Once you Signatures were verified they ask you to give fee of SAR 25 for per attestation of documents. The stamp and signs the documents from officials.
  5. Chamber of Commerce attestation is valid for 6 months after that you have to attest the documents again from COC.
  6. Those companies which have status of public sector not required to attest their

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Attestation of Documents from Ministry of Foreign affairs(MOFA)

  1. Another attestation which is mandatory is from MOFA KSA.
  2. Go to the local MOFA office, some of them were just near the Chamber of Commerce offices.
  3. Same here take a token Wait for turn
  4. On you turn present you documents as the documents were already attested from Chamber of Commerce they take less time to complete MOFA attestation.mofa-attestation
  5. They Stamp your Applications, letters and documents and each documents charge you a fee of 30 Saudi Riyals.