Probation Period Saudi Employment Laws

Saudi Arabia made employment laws also called labour laws to protect the rights of workers, employees. Employees must make them familiar with these laws as well as must know the rights government gave to both employer and worker. Today we examine the changes of probation period (Article 53 and 54)of employee in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Labor Ministry make variety of change in employment laws during last year in October 2015 in which articles related to probation period were also stated. Make sure  that we are just giving you knowledge about these laws must consult you lawyer to get more information regarding the labour laws in Saudi Arabia.

If you have copy of Saudi Employment/Labour Laws than article 53 and 54 points towards probation period in KSA.

Most Recent Changes in Saudi Labor Laws

Employment Law Article 53:

If it is possible that employee is to get probation period, than the thing is must be clearly mentioned in job contract, for example Probation period is given for  90 days but not exceed more than 90 days.

If after reading job contract both parties agreed, than 90 days probation period if applicable extended to another 90 days with total of 180 days. Including Sick leaves and Eid leaves.

If job contract includes that the right of termination of contract during probation period than each party can terminate contract during probation period

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Employment Law Article 54:

Employee is placed on probation period for only one time.

Exception for above rule is that if employees is upgraded or transfer to any other profession than after approving from employer he/she can get 90 days probation period.

No any kind of end of service benefits given to employee if he terminated contract during probation period.

As per employment law, additional probation period is given if both groups agreed on contract, if the relationship between both the parties has expired for a period of 6 or more months

At last it is Good practice that both parties make Job contract which is suitable for both parties and they must agreed on the rules written in the contract. Employment laws are make to protect the employee and employer both do not take them as just writings these rules are noted down  in any crises situation between worker and employer.