Formalities for Death Foreigner(Expatriate) in Saudi Arabia

expat death in saudi arabia

Life will not be completed without its End, we all knows that such a huge amount of Expats living in Saudi Arabia mainly for work purpose and most of them employs on difficult conditions which require certain physical activity for example drivers, general labors, heavy workers etc all of the prone to some of the major life risks but natural deaths were also common in expats.Many of these expats blog to Asian Countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and also African Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia but procedure of death certificate is same for all expats . So the main point is once any expat dead in Kingdom than what procedures were required to do we i’ll discuss them below. These point were both for Muslims and Non-Muslims.expat death in saudi arabia

  • In case of Sudden death such accident on road, call 999 which helpline number of local police and after that call ambulance at 997 so that first aid measures will be taken. If body is already transferred to Hospital than don’t need to call ambulance or Police.
  • Now police will investigate death and make its reports  and ambulance transport the dead body to Hospital Morgue where Doctors after medical inspection make Death Report. As all of us knows that employee is responsibility of his Sponsor So its is Good to call sponsor so that he could make all arrangements  to send body to Home country or complete all other formalities.
  • Hospital make list of all items found with body of Expat and handover to Sponsor also gives sponsor these four envelopes with address of following:

First Envelope is for the morgue in the Hospital.
Second is for Passport(JAWAZAT) office for final exit of deceased
Third for Airport Cargo(In case of sending body to Home)
Fourth is for Saudi Customs office(If body is sending to Home)

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Now here what sponsor have to do:

Sponsor will be given with death Notification from Hospital and Death report of Police which he have to Submit to MOH Ministry of Health in order to get Death Report of MoH.
Second thing is to get Death Certificate of Deceased Person for this he have to submit MoH Death Report, Passport and Iqama to MOI Ministry of interior.
Now Sponsor need NOC from the Embassy of Deceased person for which he have to contact Embassy with death certificate in order to get permission for transfer of body to Native country or Burring of dead body inside the kingdom.

After getting permission from Embassy Sponsor will be able to bury death boding inside kingdom but in case deceased person legal heirs wants his body to transfer towards his home country than Sponsor have to make separate measures which we discuss in future post.
Note If Non-Muslims Bury in Saudi Arabia:
Non-Muslims family members must be aware with this that if Non-Muslim Dead in Saudi Arabia his body cannot be buried inside the Kingdom. Non-Muslims legal heirs must contact sponsor to send the body to Home country. Sponsor needs to complete all formalities of deceased person just like Muslims such as he have to get Death certificate, NOC from Embassy, and complete the procedure of sending body to Home country.