Ban on Taking Photos in Hospitals of Saudi Arabia

Ban on taking photos inside hospitals of saudi arabia

Government announces new rules and regulations in terms of snapping photos in Hospitals in which some of the main prominent hospitals clearly Ban taking photos without taking permission from authorities. These measures were taken so that to prevent those persons who defame hospitals by pointing out mistakes which were false, and then post these photos without permission of Hospital to Social Media.Ban on taking photos inside hospitals  of saudi arabia

Also Ministry of Health Bans entry those mobile phones with camera in Hospitals major rooms such as ICU, operation theaters, delivery rooms.

Some of the Major government Hospitals such King Khalid Eye Hospital Riyadh Clearly stated the rules of Taking photos at entrance of the hospital. Those who caught taking photographs pinelized with confiscation of their camera devices. If any individuality regret to give their device could face police station. But according to official laws Which defines that punishment for each this type of crime is started from 1 year prison with max fine of 500,000 SAR or for critical cases it may become 10 years jail SR 5 million without confiscation of devices.

Any person who want to take photos in Hospital must first ask the authorities of Hospital but it must be for some purpose like students who want to research on medical field may take photos but still they get permission from authorities.