Oman Labour Laws For Employee Annual Leaves

A complete document which represents Oman Labor Law is called Royal Decree35/2003  which approved by His Highness Qaboos Bin Said, Sultan of Oman, which is issued on  24 Safar 1424H. This documents represent each and every aspect of employee right and corresponding to employer and his Job. This law gives complete details about contract end of service benefits for both limited and unlimited contracts, laws related to salary, leaves, holidays, leaves for women employees etc. Let see what this document says about leave for employees.

Oman Labor Laws for Leaves Sick Holidays Annual Leaves

Annual Leave:

After completion of one year of job employee is entitled for 15 days to 30 Days basic paid leave. The leave is must be given per year and can be increased to maximum 30 days. The leave must be given with basic pay of employee. Employee must be given with these leave once every two years if employer don’t want to give leave after one year.

Emergency Leave:

In case employee has any emergency he is given with four days leave. Expatriate also be given with 4 days leave per year in case of emergency. These four days must be paid.
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Delay of leave: 

The employer is not allowed to delay annual leave of employee more than two years. Employer is allowed to delay the leave for one year period. See annual leave last sentences.

New Employee:

Those who were newly employed shall take the leave in according to employer work requirements.

Case of Employee Working for any other employer during leave in Oman:

If employer catches employee working for any other company during leave, than employer is allowed to not give him basic salary of leave or recover the salary if already given.

If employee leaves the job before using his leave days:

Employee is entitled for basic salary of those leave days which he not uses. e.g if employees  leave the job just before his annual leave than he must be given with full basic pay of that annual leave.

Holidays Festivals Leave:

The employee is entitled to his gross salary during the holidays of festivals and occasions which will be determined by a decision from the Minister.

SICK Leave:

In accordance with provisions of Social Insurance Laws:

Every employee whose medical reports proved that he is sick shall have right to given with maximum 10 weeks Leave per year. These leave may be seperatly given or in continuous form.  Annual leave also be added with if employee is not recovered.

Salary During Sick Leave:

First and second week, with gross salary.

Third and fourth week, with three quarters of the gross salary.

Fifth and sixth week, with half the gross salary.

The seventh to the tenth week, with a quarter of the gross salary

In case employer didn’t believe the the medical reports, than the matter is must be reffered to Medical committee.