Saudi Labor Laws: Service/Experience certificate

Practical experience of anything is really matters to any body life. Same in Career, employees who have multi dimensional skills works for many companies and than gone in order to approach higher stage. Many worker around the world came in to Saudi Arabia for Jobs form most of them were laborers some are technical persons and other who have some sort of professional education with good skills. Every one of them want to keep his record of work, that is he want to keep proof of his work. For they required service certificate or experience certificate. This certificate also points out the skills you achieved while working or skills you posses already but now become more strong after working. This certificate is given after the employee leave the job after completion of contract or termination of the contract. So what Saudi Labor law  stated in this regard let see below:

Service/Experience certificate 

According to Saudi Labor laws Royal Decree No. M/46 of 05/05/1436H any employee who request his service certificate from his employer than employer must provide him with certificate on which all his positive point must be written. Some of these thing must be necessarily written like date of joining and leaving, salary details and profession. Also there no any charge of this certificate cut from employee wage.

Saudi Labor law prohibits employer to include anything which harms employee reputation or something due to which his chance of getting new employment may reduces. On previous law Employer may include anything with reason. These new laws were came in to effect 18 October 2015.