Oman Extends Temporary Ban for These Jobs

Ministry of Manpower Extends the time period of Ban for Some visa categories for another six months the Ministerial decision is issued by Minister of Manpower Oman.

This decision confirms that Ban will remain open for some of visa categories which were already Ban form obtaining Oman visa.

The decision clarified that cleaners, camel breeders, sales and construction workers will not get a visa for another six months coming into effect from December 1, 2016, the ministerial decision said.


The Ban is extended temporarily for another 6 months. The ban is for following professions

Camel Breeders

Sales and Construction Workers


The above categories of worker not allow to obtain Omani Visa from December 1. For Six Months.

Ministry of Manpower Ministerial Decision also clarify that From January 2017 in these professions only Omani Citizen will be hired and no expatriate is allowed in these profession which are:


Aluminium workshops


Brick kilns from January 2017

The above regulations were only applied to Companies or Employers having low Grade but these regulations are not for A category companies.

Ban on Craftsmen in Oman

From starting of new year 2017 Expatriates having profession as carpenters, matellurgists, blacksmithsor in brick kiln jobs were not able to get employment visas of oman. According to Ministry of Manpower

As of January 1, non-Omanis will no longer be issued new visas for employment as carpenters, metallurgists, blacksmiths in brick-kiln jobs, according to the Ministry of Manpower.

This ban is only for getting new visa but older visa holders can renew the visa.

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