How to Dispute False Saher Camera Violations in KSA

Saher Cameras are really a backbone of Saudi Traffic Violations Catching System. Most of Saudis as well as expatriates must be cached by Saher cameras one time in their driving career if they violate any traffic laws. Where ever Saher cameras were installed always be alert as there is more chance that even a single mistake led you to pay heavy  fines and Even Jail. Saher cameras operates 24 hours a day.


But there is a cases when any driver get an sms from Traffic Department that they committed a violation and cached by saher camera, in this sms all details were given with violation id number. In case anyone of you get sms from traffic department for anything you didn’t do certainly you shocked some time the fine is more than 3000 SAR which is more shocking for any non-violator. Now this is consider as a traffic dispute which you need to create with Traffic Department.

In most cases people first see the violation details, places and map using their MOI Absher Account from which they come to know where the violation happens. If the violations is false usually we see the location is totally different from our current location or our driving routes. Sometime even the cities were totally opposite.

Create Dispute Using Online MOI Account:

The first thing you need to do is to file a dispute with traffic department using MOI Account yet this is Easy way but Chance of solution is really less.

This is Easy:

  1. Go to your MOI Account and login in to Account.
  2. From Top menu click on Electronic Inquiry and then Traffic Violations.
  3. Type Iqama Number and List of traffic violation will appear.
  4. Now at the end you will see “Register Dispute” Click on it to proceed for Dispute reason section.
  5. Here They Ask you the reason for filing Dispute after that they give deputation info.

This is a weak procedure and sometime traffic department don’t even care about your online dispute report. Just wait for 4 to 5 days if there is no response than its time to practically visit Traffic Department to create dispute with them.

Visit Traffic Department:

The second and best way is to visit Traffic Department as it is not easy to do but you have to clear the fine for violation you don’t committed otherwise the fine will be doubled.

  1. Find any near traffic department it is better to chose any main office in area. Go their and tell the officer what happened. It is better to take violation ID, Istamara, Iqama and passport with yourself as they might ask you to show.
  2. Now officer will take you to another officer each time they ask something. Don’t be afraid or nervous as you are not wrong you do nothing.
  3. Ask them to show the image of car while violation occurs. Officer will take you to Saher Camera department, where they ask Violation ID.
  4. Now most of time what you see on Screen that the vehicle is someone else but his vehicle number is just matches your own vehicle by one digit. Or sometime the violator use fake number plates to trick the police but this not means that his car color, model is also matches with your car.
  5. If traffic police wrongly put violation on you they immediately remove it and in case the violation is true than obviously you have to pay fine as well as jail if it is in penalty..