Its a great desire of every Muslim to perform Umrah but many of them didn’t fulfill their desire even after paying Umrah formalities it is due to fraud which were committed by agents they snatch money from ordinary people a flee away. Today i Share with you a Valuable Method to Check You Umrah Visa Online using official e service Portal provided by Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Saudi Arabia.

One more thing that recent change in Umrah Visa fee, in which Saudi government now gives Free Umrah visa to those who were performing first time. Be careful if you want to perform Umrah and it is first time than ask your agent that their is no fee for Umrah first time.

To Check How Much Umrah Visa Fee is applicable on You Must Visit

Umrah Visa Fee is SAR 2000 Riyal for First Time

Check Umrah Application Submitted or Not

How to check umrah visa approval follow the guide below

Open this Link of Moh by entering it on your address Bar


The MOH Portal Asks you to enter Passport No., Nationality and image code. After entering click on Submit Button.

A new screen emerged with latest information related to your Umrah Visa. If your agent didn’t submit application to Saudi Embassy than it show “No Umrah Visa Request Available”.


Here portal also tells you that if you have to pay Umrah Visa fee of SAR 2000 or not. If the portal says that no need to pay Umrah Visa fee than even if your agent asks you don’t give him anything.

If application is Submitted Successfully than it will gives a message that “The Umrah Visa Request sent to Embassy” but it is still not stamped yet.

If The application is successful stamped than new message will appear but this time Portal tells you information about your package such as place of staying and transportation service.


What is Status if you performing Umrah for Second Time:

For those how were performing Umrah for second time all of above things will remain same except Umrah Visa Fee. A person who is going to perform Umrah for second time in current Hijri Year than if he put the details in Portal May get this Message:

“Required to make a payment of additional SAR 2000 for Umrah Visa”


Which means if agent ask you to give SAR 2000 visa fee than you have to pay the visa fee but first must check the umrah fee is applicable or Not.