How to Contact Custodian of Two Holy Mosque King Salman

If you not treated fairly in Kingdom write to me! Custodian of Two Holy Mosque King Salman Clearly said that those who were not treat fairly can write to me through free email or using post(free) according to Saudi Arabian Newspapers. Emirates247 reports that king salman wants from citizens and residents of kingdom to contact him in case of any injustice. Anyone residing in kingdom if not treated well and fairly may send me his complaints. Custodian of Two Holy Mosque also didn’t want anybody to feel oppressed under his leadership. He stated that i didn’t want to hear that Kingdom’s citizens were hurt and feeling injustice.


Kings Salman tells two simple way to contact him first using Email service and second free by sending letter using free post service.

All post office employee must accept the letters and complaints and send them even it is against my sons, grandchildren or family…let all those employees know that anyone who tries to discourage citizens from sending complaints or even tries to tone it down no matter how small it is, he will be subject to severe punishment.”.

King Salman also make it clear for the people who tries to turn down oppressed person or also those who witness something against the law. Even the action is taken against those who belong  to king’s own family. Its a new initiative and history didn’t seen this kind of leadership after Islamic Golden Age. The best leader always keep himself available for his resident he build trust within the heart of people.

Source: Emirates 24/7

King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques

Office of His Majesty the King Royal Court, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fax: (via Ministry of the Interior) 011 966 11 403 3125

Salutation: Your Majesty