Saher camera were major and best feature of Saudi Traffic Police to reduce Traffic Violations. People instantly get SMS of their Violation whenever they caught by Saher Camera while committing Violation. Those having MOI account can check his Saher camera Violation Easily Online but there are some more ways from which the persons don’t have MOI account can check and get information about their Saher camera Violation.

Traffic Violation fines are changed after staring of new hijiri year some new type of violation were also included in the list this year. See what are the major 18 Changes in Traffic Laws of Saudi Arabia were introduced in year 2016.

As Saher Camera is computer working in back-end it is chance that Saher camera might capture any vehicle and send violation to someone other istamara number due to some minor similarity between number plates of violator and non-violator vehicle. This become a Traffic Dispute which you have to create against Traffic Department for this see Procedure for Creating Dispute for Saher Camera violation. Above there are some info related to Traffic Laws in Saudi Arabia lets read below that how anybody can check his Saher camera violations using SMS and Online MOI account.

Check Saher Camera Violation Using SMS Service or Calling:

STC: 56*1114441234 to 888995

ZAIN: 56*2220001234 to 625555

Mobily: 56*8883331234 to 625555

The charges for checking is 1.5 SAR. After sending SMS within few seconds a new sms received containing details about Saher Camera Violation.

Call  011-292 8888 Operator Ask to choose language. Select 2 for English..Press 1 to enter in Traffic Violation Menu..Now enter iqama number

Saher Camera Violation Inquiry Using MOI Account:

This way is Mostly use by MOI Absher Account holders, you can also make one by following this guide.

To check Saher camera violations on MOI account. Simply go to this link and enter your Iqama number all saher camera violations will showed in case you commit any violation.