Reduction in Free Medicines, Surgeries Expat Government Employees in Oman

New measures were coming in to force in Oman to reduce spending in Budget 2017. Expatriate employed in Omanis Public or Government Sector  have to face several limit regarding their free medical treatment. Expats now not given with free surgeries in 18 conditions and to obtain free medicines and care for 6 diseases.

Civil Service Council create amendments in provisions included related to Civil services law. The amendments take place on December 4 issued in Decision 13/2016. There is no exemption for Part time government employees. The decision covers all Permanent, temporary or part time contract employees. Time of Oman

The decision refer to CS Law issued by royal decree 120/2004 and regulation in CS law 9/2010 and to CS law of number 3/2016 which held on meeting of sept 4 2016.

The Sultanate of Oman considering to reduce its spending in 2017 budget. Oman also increase and imposed taxes on rich person.

Draft budget shows that revenues were steady and didn’t increased. The reason to cut 5 percent spending in next year of 2017. The deficit in budget is around 4.4 billion OMR for first 9 month of year 2016 which may expected to increase in year 2017.

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List of Ailments and Surgical operations that are excluded from free treatment
Organ Transplant
Open Heart Surgery
Cancer Related Tumors
All types of Hepatitis
Cancer and Genetic Blood Diseases
Industrial replacement(bone or non-bone)
Addiction Heart Diseases
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Multiple Sclerosis
Attention Deficit and Hyper Activity
Metabolic Diseases.=

List of Medicines Excluded from Free Treatment
Medicines for rheumatiod arthris and psorisasis
Medicines for treatment of asthma
Medicines for treatment of retinopathy
Diabetes medicines within the insulin group (GLP1& DPP4 inhibitor)
Predialysis medicionesin cases of kidney failiour
Botulinum Medicine