A new law introducing provisions regulating the entry, exit and residency requirements for all workers in Qatar comes into effect from dec 13.
The new measures come one year after HH the Emir Shaikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani signed the reforms into law, Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported.

Qatar introduces new provisions in the laws related to exit, re entry and residency permits to expatriates comes in to Qatar for work. These changes to start from dec 13.

This laws ends the kafala system also called sponsorship system and hence create a flexible. freedom and protected environment for 2.1 million workers.

The announcement is made during press conference the minister of administrative Development and Social Affairs  Dr. Issa bin Saad Al Jafali Al Nuaimi said: Their details stated that Qatar is grateful to all of worker who were main people behind the growth of Qatar they build infrastructure develop pillars of Qatar During the rapid change. This new laws is a lowest step to ensure the safety of freedom of those workers it replaces the old Kafala System with more newest contract based system that ensure the safety of employee freedom and give the flexibility to change jobs.

Qatar welcomes comments or constructive criticism if any thing left in this law we must do it in the future.

International community have to wait for conclusions of this new law. Qatar do it because it is right to do this because this will help expatriate workers. We Also tries our best to implement it, monitor it and hire more compliance inspectors to tighten the net on companies who violate the law.

Features of New Qatari Laws:

  1. Guarantee of movement of expatriates.
  2. Expats can leave Qatar after telling his sponsor whether it is emergency or leave
  3. After complete of contract expats can leave country permanently.
  4. Expats can also leave Qatar permanently before contract completion after notifying employer. According to terms and conditions of Contract
  5. If employer didn’t want to give leave worker can appeal in Exit permit Grievances committee which must settle the matter in 3 days,
  6. Those expats having unpaid debt, criminal activity unsolved, cannot leave the country,
  7. Those having unlimited contract can also change job after five year of completion of service,
  8. On fixed term contract if employee completes the contract period he can change his job easily.
  9. Work permit is only given after making of contract between two parties.