Where to Get New Saudi Currency 2016

New designs of Saudi Currency 2016 is already announced with so much new changes to design and introduction of new coins. SAMA(Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency) released the new notes and coin on 13 Dec 2016 which marks the current era of Custodian of two holy mosques King Salman.

The releasing ceremony was held in the presence of Ibrahim Al-Assaf, minister of state and member of the Cabinet, and SAMA Governor Ahmed Al-Khulaifi.

SAMA Governor Stated that these new coins were available for citizens on all branches of SAMA from Dec 26. Coins may also be available with introduction of SR2 coin.

This is sixth issue of Saudi Currency and coins which mark the current era of Custodian of the two holy mosque. With new design these bank notes are highly safe and nearly impossible to forge.

The notes features with security lines and some other new security measures were included in these banknotes which makes forgery difficult.

SAMA Branches:

Dammam Branch

Telephone: 013 -8267888.

Fax: 013 -8275815.

P.O.Box: 26

Zip Code: 31169  Dammam.

Address: Hai Mohammad bin Saud, Malik Khalid Street.

Jeddah Branch

Telephone: 012 -6480008.

Fax: 012 -6482384.

P.O.Box: 1882.

Zip Code: 21441 Jeddah.

Address: Hai Al Balad, Al Muassasah Road.

Tabuk Branch

Telephone: 014 -4237020

Fax: 014 -4232106

P.O.Box: 1188.

Zip Code: 71431 Tabuk.

Address: Hai Al Azizia Qadeem, Malik Khalid Road.

Madina Branch

Telephone: 014 -8385900.

Fax: 014 -8383240.

P.O.Box: 3844.

Zip Code: 41481 Madina.

Address: Hai Al Sahman, Airport Road.

Makkah Branch

Telephone: 012-5367007.

Fax: 012 – 5362499.

P.O.Box: 2255.

Zip Code: 21955 Makkah.

Address: HaI Al Hindawiyyah, Al Mansur Street.

Riyadh Branch

Telephone: 011 – 4011100.

Fax: 011 – 4040285.

P.O.Box: 2756.

Zip Code:11461 Riyadh.

Address: Hai Al Futah, King Faisal Road.

In previous edition of banknotes which were released on May 20 2007 in the era of late king Abdullah in which SR100 and SR50 notes were released while SR 10 and SR5 released on July 16, 2007. On sep 1 2007 SR 500 and than SR1 denomination notes were released.