Multiple Exit Reentry Visa Validity and Fees

multiple exit reentry visa validity

Every Saudi Expats at the time of exiting from Saudi Arabia aspect final exit must goes through the term called Exit Reentry Visa. A visa allows expat worker to go out from KSA and than come back on this visa. Even if you have passport and Tickets you didn’t be able to go out of SAudi Arabia Without showing exit reentry visa to immigration department at airport. Also those who want to leave Saudi Arabia on urgent bases still must have to obtain this visa which requires some time. I know my fellow whose mother is in serious condition after heart attack want to leave Saudi Arabia Urgently but the process of Exit Reentry visa didn’t able him to funeral of his mother as his mother already dead during the time of processing of exit reentry visa.

multiple exit reentry visa validity

So All of my dear expat our today main topic is multiple exit reentry validity and fee I already discussed about procedure of Multiple Exit reentry visa But in order to clarify some major points of this visa I make this article which is mainly about validity and Fee of Multiple Exit Reentry Visa So let Talk About Them

First I told you that this visa is only be issued after permission of Sponsor but those who were businessmen and Investors have this opportunity because in Year 2016 sponsorship only for businessmen or investor is ended. But still ordinary person must have to get permission from his employer/Sponsor.

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Validity of Multiple Exit Reentry Visa:

Multiple Exit Reentry Visa allow us to travel out and in to Saudi Arabia as many time but in case of Single Exit Reentry visa it is impossible. The validity of Multiple of Exit Reentry visa is 6 months and traveler would travel anytime within this period. Also traveler must have valid passport and visa with valid duration on Iqama.

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Fee of Multiple Exit Reentry Visa:

The fee of multiple Exit Re Entry visa is 500 Saudi Riyal and really really suitable for frequent traveler as this is valid for Six months and you don’t have to pay separate fee of 200 Saudi Riyal for each Single exit reentry visa. But remember the ball is in Sponsor Court if he want you to travel as many time on this visa than you can do that.

New Multiple Exit Re entry Visa Fee Updated on 2016

The multiple exit/re-entry visa fee will be SR3,000 for six months, SR5,000 for one year and SR8,000 for two years. Saudi Riyal 500 for multiple trips for 3 months and SR200 for each additional month within the limits of the duration of the Iqama validity.