Multiple Exit reentry visa saudi arabia ksa

Exit Reentry visa common known term among all Saudi expatriates especially who go back their home country on Vacation from jobs but what is Multiple Exit Reentry visa for what this visa is used for and how to get this visa, its fee and other things. Expats may also knows about Final Exit Visa which is issued when employees job contract is ended and issued with final exit visa so that employee could get new visa and get back to new job in Saudi Arabia or just stay in his native country. Single Exit Reentry is given to those persons who were going back to their Home country on Annual leave, all of fee and other charges of single exit reentry is given by Sponsor.

What is Multiple Exit Reentry Visa:

If you already knows about what is meant by Single Exit Reentry or Final Exit Visa than you may easily understand what is Multiple Exit Reentry. This Visa allows Expats and workers or any other person on such condition to go out from Saudi Arabia and Come back again not only for just one time but multiple time. Simply the person can departure and arrive multiple times on Multiple Exit Reentry Visa.

Multiple Exit reentry visa saudi arabia ksa

Validity of Multiple Exit Reentry Visa:

The validity is Six months and you must have to travel within 3 months after issuance of visa. Also you must posses IQAMA and Passport having Validity within validity period of Multiple Exit Reentry Visa.

How to Get Multiple Exit Reentry Visa:

  1. Without necessary it is impossible to get this visa, As sponsor have all rights to give permission to you for Multiple Exit reentry. Just Ask sponsor for this visa if he give permission than move forward.
  2. Like all other Exit Visas your sponsor have to Submit Application in to Jawazat Office. Get multiple exit reentry form having Arabic Language from typing centers near Jawazat offices and pay them to fill it with arabic. This form is must be signed by government relation office. Now you and Sponsor will submit this application to Jawazat and pay them fee of visa.
  3. The Fee for Multiple Exit Reentry Visa is SR 500 and you could pay them using online Banking account.
  4. After all documents successfully submitted to respective authorities, approved and clearance, they will issued you multiple Exit Reentry Visa.

Lastly I’ll discuss more about this visa issuance in future articles for those who want to issue Multiple Reentry Visa to Dependents, Wife or other family members.