Saudi Jawazat Iqama fees for visa and iqama

Saudi Jawazat(Passport Department) and Iqama(Muqeem Id cards) were one if the main point of interest for every expat living in Saudi Arabia. Almost every expatriate living in Ksa must visit Jawazat offices to follow most of iqama and visa related services such as getting new iqama, renewal of iqama as well as many visa related fees of exit re entry, visa for family, permanent visa, domestic visa, also fee for renewal visa. These fee may be subject to change so it is good to double check these fee before going further. Lets see what are Check Jawazat iqama fees 1439 hijri year or 2017.

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Jawazat Fee: For Visa Services in KSA:

Visa Service Name Fee in Saudi Riyals
Domestic Visa 2300 SAR
Permanent Family Visa 2000 SAR
Single Exit Re Entry Fee 200 SAR
Multiple Exit Re Entry Fee 500 SAR
Final Exit Visa NO FEE
Family Visa Extension Fee 100 SAR

SaudiĀ VISA’S FEE is changed FROM 1ST MUHARRAM 1438 so visit below link to see more about new saudi visa fee:

Saudi New Visa Fee 2017

Jawazat Fee: For Iqama(MuqeemCard) Services Cost

Iqama Service Name Fee in Saudi Riyal
First Iqama for Domestic Worker 600 SAR
Iqama Renewal Domestic Worker 350 SAR
First Iqama Fee for employee/worker under MOL 650 SAR
Renewal FeeĀ for employee/worker under MOL 650 SAR
Dependents Iqama Issuance & Renewal 500 SAR

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Jawazat Fee: For Profession Change and Sponsorship Change

Sponsorship Change Fee
First Time Change 2000SAR
Second Time Change 4000SAR
Third Time Change 6000 SAR*

*after this the fee increase by 2000 Saudi Riyals


The new monthly dependent/family member iqama fee starts from July 2017 in Saudi Arabia. Below is analysis of dependent monthly fee. Read in detail New Monthly Dependent iqama fee in Saudi Arabia.

Change of Profession written on Iqama, fee is 1000 SAR. Also Check NOW: Transfer of Sponsorship in KSA Tanazul