Check Iqama expiry period or validity date online using MOI Abshir Account. The process for validity and status check is easy but you must have register MOI abshir account for this purpose follow this registration guide. The Abshir account is available on Ministry of Interior وزارة الداخلية Saudi Arab official website

To check you iqama expiry date and relevant information about your iqama you just need iqama muqeem card number as well as make sure that iqama is valid till the date of expiry. expiry service is modern way of inquiry service which make you ID card more digitized also it is requirement for current expat population in KSA as more and more people visit KSA and work their to handle such large amount of workers the modern day advance checking online service is necessary. MOI ksa is turn out to be best online service in the Asia but all things must need some improvements.

How to Check Iqama Expiry on
Process of Iqama lost and stolen
SMS of Iqama Expiry

Follow this procedure to get you required information:

  1. Go to Query Expiry service OR directly go to and change the language to English than go to Than click on E-Services Tab From drop down menu go to Passports from the left side menu click on Query Iqama Expiry Service.
  2. Type your Iqama Card Number in first field and complete captcha code field.
  3.  Click on View.
  4. Immediately after clicking on View the validity of you Iqama is visible in Green Text from this date you will also be able to conclude you expiry date and how much time is left before expiry

After successful completion of the check expiry and validity any problem occurs and unable to figure out than comment below so that I will help you as best I can.


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