Haramain Train Online Booking and Fares

Haramain Train is a High-Speed Train that will link Makkah Madina and Jeddah Metro Stations in order to assure fast movement of pilgrims and people towards the Holy Places of Islam. It will reach Makkah to Madina just in 3 Hours, this shows hows SAR tries its best implement the transport strategy to ensure fast and reliable movement of people between both holy cities. Online booking of trains was already started and tickets can now easily booked online through Haramain Train official Website https://www.hhr.sa.

These highly sophisticated and modern trains if run on full capacity which is 300km/h can easily reach between cities just in 2 hours. It can also carry more than 400 passengers and accommodate 60 Million people per year. State of the Art HHR station specially built for Haramain Train Passengers having well-equipped departure terminals, main command center, civil defense and emergency departments, helipads, pavements, mosques, waiting area, parking areas, and ticket booking centers.

Here is the Ticket Fare Guide for Haramain Train Online Booking

Route Economy Class Business Class
Between Makkah – Jeddah 40 50
Between Makkah –  KAEC 85 110
Between Makkah –  Madinah 150 250
Between Jeddah –  KAEC* 50 50
Between Jeddah –  Madinah 125 125
Between KAEC –  Madinah 100 100

*KAEC King Abdulaiziz International Aiport

Approx TIME of Journey

Makkah to Madina or Madina to Makkah 3 Hours
Jeddah to Makkah or Makkah to Jeddah 43 minutes
Jeddah to Madina or Madina to Jeddah 2 Hours and 15 Min

Al Haramain High-Speed Rail(HHR)  is electrified 300 KM per line that links cities of Makkah, Madinah via Jeddah and King Abdulaziz International Aiport and King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh, it uses 3 core railway technologies and can bear temperature up to 50°C.

Visit www.hhr.sa for quick online booking

See future train schedules at https://www.hhr.sa