Calculate Gratuity in Qatar Online MOL Service

Gratuity Calculation is a Major issue for every private worker living in Qatar, expat workers after completing considerable time with his employer is eligible to get a gratuity usually called end of service gratuity, but due to less awareness of labour laws the calculation of gratuity is difficult for expat worker himself. Sometimes if the worker is not well educated he might be tricked by his employer and end up with less gratuity or even empty pockets.

Qatar Ministry of Interior and MOL Online portal is considered as one of the most effective and reliable online integrated system in the world, Qatar MOI provide each and every service to its citizens and expats that can be easily used online instead of manually. Keeping in view of the issue related to expat gratuity calculation in Qatar, the ministry also launches an e-service through which any private sector employee not only calculate his end of service Gratuity but also able to know is he/she is eligible to get gratuity or not.

So, don’t need to read whole labour law of Qatar to find which article is applicable on your case, or how the gratuity is calculated in case of termination or resignation. Is it good to read and keep yourself aware of labour laws but still many people don’t do reading in today’s world, they just want someone other to help them. Well lets see How to Calculate your end of service Gratuity Online on MOI official website.

  1. Open the official MOL Gratuity Calculation Service from this LINK.
  2. In تاريخ بداية الخدمة which means Service Start Date. In this box enter your date of starting of Job according to date mention in Labour contract.
  3. Second box تاريخ نهاية الخدمة mean termination date, enter the date when you resign or terminated from job.
  4. Third field الراتب الأساسي الشهري means your Basic Monthly Salary. Enter the last paid basic monthly salary paid by company or employer.
  5. On fourth field which means “Accrued days for each year “. In this box you need to enter the amount of days of gratuity for each year. According to labour laws of Qatar employees who end their job before 5 years must given gratuity of three weeks(21 years). Those serve between 5 to 10 year than four weeks(28 days) and more than 10 years than enter 5 weeks(35days).
  6. Than click on the button at bottom to get calculation of your gratuity.

Still at fourth field you need to considered various factors according to Qatari labour laws, i will explain all the rules related to calculation of ESB in Qatar in few days.

TIP: Use Google Chrome translator to translate the language of MOl Page.