Official Website of Ministry of interior serves people of Saudi Arabia and Expats with his advance online integrated system of e-services. All figures of services from which any Saudi iqama holders can Check and generate inquiry about many thing just sitting on his computer chair I previously Sum up all services given by MOI KSA. is most used and really popular web portal for Saudi Expats and residents as it helps both sponsors and employees to solve many issues at home which in Past required to visit manually Jawazat offices or immigration offices. Checking of Iqama expiry and validity is also a leading service provided by to residents especially sponsors. You may think that expiry date is already written on iqama so why to we require to check this online well the reason is than most of sponsor don’t have time to talk to employee for iqama expiry date written on card So to avoid hassle sponsor just open authoritative website of and learn about all major information about iqama holders under his sponsorship also as the iqama is responsibility of sponsor he have to work on all aspects of iqama expiry, validity, iqama renewal, lost.

Also if you confuse about iqama name than I take you in consideration that Iqama is now called muqeem card and same name is written above your iqama also in iqama expiry check

Iqama Expiry and Validity Inquiry on KSA

  1. Visit official webpage of Saudi Ministry of interior (MOI)
  2. After opening shift the Arabic Language in to English from top left of website or just find ENGLISH on the page.
  3. Chose E-Services from main menu then click on passports.
  4. Now Query Iqama Expiry Service is visible click on it.
  5.  A input form is opened on one side with some empty boxes fill them with the help of below screenshot.iqama expiry service moi gov sa
  6. Just simply type in your iqama number on first box and image code in seconf box.
  7. At end click on View button to check how many days left for iqama expiry.

See that how incredible is this to check Iqama without contacting your employee or asking him for Iqama to check expiry date. is always helping Saudi Arabian residents just must follow these modern improvements to get more benefits from them.


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