Check Saudi Visa Status On EnjazIT Expats Guides

Welcome to all Future Saudi Expats, yesterday my friend told me about his relative who get stunned by agent who give him a fake visa, he don’t know how to check Saudi visa is original or not. But the procedure for checking visa is really easy, which can be checked easily through Enjazit Information Technology. It is company that provide online integrated services to Saudi Government. Lets see how visa can be inquired using enjazit.

To check the visa application status you need to visit official injaz website that is

Well like so much other Saudi websites it is also in Arabic first change the language and you’ll see the form on the right side.

Select Applied Application if you newly applied for Saudi Visa

Enter the required details Application Number and Passport Number. Well I also try to check my application of but it not showed but after one week i again tried but this time it showed, sometime it take little time to get updated on enjaz website It is good to keep in contact with your agent in this regard.

The below method is for those who get their visa

Well after i get the visa, than i again check originality or genuinely of visa using enjaz this time you need to visit separate link. As i told you above that that those who newly applied for visa can check their application status by above procedure while those who already get their visa can check whether it is original or not could do this just by going to this link. Check Saudi Visa by visa number

Now when you Click On search button you might see all the visa applicants applied by your agent, just press ctrl+f and type your name to search. I also tried this below is the screen shot of that page on enjazit.

Do you Know that iqama expiry date can also be checked online

You see the first two name that were cancelled Delegation list means that they were cancelled if you see you name in that contact you agent as early as possible.

Here is my friend original visa which he get from his agent, which happens to be original after i checked it on enjazit.