10-year validity of Philipine Passports Approved

The validity of Philippine Passport is increased from five year to ten years in the bill which approved by house of representatives on February 13. The bill approved unanimously without any kind of opposition. The bill will be moved further to senate for approval. The bill will amend the Philippine Passport Act of 1996 in which its section 10 states the validity of Philippines Passport.

The country’s Foreign Affairs Department endorsed this measure and considered as best practice to ensure international standards.

OFW Filipino workers residing in many developed nations around the world working hard and send huge amount of remittance to Philippines, many workers when the passports are to be expired have to wait in long queues in-front of PCGs to get new Passport. They are laborers workers, maids, seafarers, business persons have to stop their work for renewal of their passports.

Five year validity is short according to the population of expatriates living abroad, recent passport technology is of international standard which cannot be easily forged and make the tampering difficult so there is no need for less validity of passports.

The bill still is to be passed from Senate, after approval this will make the life of OFW’s easier. Many countries around the world have validity of ten year such as US, Canada, China.

More validity also reduce the resources required by ofw’s to renew the passport as they have to travel and than wait if the work not completed they again need to wait in long queues.

President Rodrigo Duterte himself is not in favour of the shorter validity as this make them to wait in long queues. If the it is not increased the waiting hours for passport renewal will become longer and longer.