What is Fine for Breaking Red Light Signal in Saudi Arabia

What happened if you cross the red light in Saudi Arabia? If you think that you could pay a fine and run away with your car NO you have to pass through a 24 hours of jail. Previously the treatment of violating red light is only a fine of 500 Saudi Riyal The Fine is changes to SR 3000 to SR6000 but the fine is not enough you have to spend 24 hours in jail. You can pay this penalty using SADAD. This payment can be make using phone, online and ATM banking.
This option of payment only be shown on SADAD system unless violator spends 24 hours behind the bars.

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What happen if someone else driving your car?
If vehicle is registered in your iqama number and when violation occurs it was driven by someone else such as you brother, friend, father than all of above fine and 24 of prison is imposed on vehicle owner.